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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jan 18, 2012 6:02 AM Flag

    If silver isn't money, why

    did the Feds spend about $60M circa 1962 to develop a process to create clad coinage that looks like silver, yet takes the silver out of the coin and substitutes base metal?

    Why not just issue plastic tokens?

    Answer: You don't want to scare the gentiles snoring, head bent over the bar and slipping off the bar stool, before they go back to sleep it off in the trailer. And you don't have to be a crook to be a counterfeiter, you can be the Feds, do it legally right in front of their eyes. They'll just sit there, slack jawed drooling lunatics all.

    As we watch the farce unfold, and your dollar worth a dime compared to 1971 sink to a penny by 2025, the same brain dead idiots who brought you no doc loans bring you the end of our country. Where all democracies end, the people unwilling to pay for anything, believing the government an independent entity that can manufacture "wealth" by printing money instead of using taxation to create cash flow.

    Truman bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima to end a war he saw unending, rather than borrow and spend. Forty years later Reagan borrow 3T on top of the 1T national debt, quadrupling our obligation and our kids future, to build munitions and defense against a Soviet Union we knew bankrupt since 1978, when we were pulling real battalions out of Germany and substituting "battalion rotation", paper troops parachuting into Germany instead. What a difference between the greatest generation and its children, napalming rice growers back into the Stone Age because they set a different economic table, camel jockeys into the dust because nobody can tell the difference between 16 Saudi Arabians with box cutters 9/11 and the entire country of Iraq.

    I wonder how the faithful, believing in just the right god, get passed the pearly gates with all that blood on their hands? I wonder why that makes us any better, if there is such a thing, than Al Kaida? Why the trillions for "defense" at the nosebleed technological level, if our enemies are only capable of commandeering planes and making chit bombs of fertilizer?

    If they're so dangerous, why not nuke the muthaphuckas instead of fighting fist fights house to house in Badgag?

    All of what is happening instead makes no sense whatsoever, unless of course you make bombs for a living.

    Business is booming.

    Got silver?

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    • Somebody thinks silver is money.

      Up 1.25% and we're closed honoring labor, while our investment door is closed.

      Oh woe is me.

      "Got silver"?

    • Silver WAS MONEY actual currency worldwide.

      Until NEW WORLD DISORDER and the darkest of the darkest, the ILLUMINATI took "control of the banking system"

      Sank liners from Silver miners

      Boosted their forests by printing FIAT CURRENCY on trees instead of producing minerals by revamping economies.

      They seduced the system into FIAT PAPER.

      It WAS backed in Gold at USA observing the Gold window until NIXON and Kissinger lost Chile.

      They went mad after IRAN & AFGHANISTAN Copper mines and Gold when ALLENDE closed Chile. (I do not spouse communism)

      The Brits exchanged USA bills for Fort Knox Gold.

      Prior to though...

      1962 Silver coins were to be USA currency, that sent Kennedy packing to the hands of the wants that wanted USA indebted. A borrower. a debtor to date.

      Silver and Gold are now industry sensitive metals.

      Barrick et al (sinister banksters) as acknowledged against BLANCHARD + at a New Orleans Court in USA, were instrumental to rig down Gold prices.

      Such is a criminal conspiracy against the economy.

      Please visit ABX'S board for more and to see the contempt of these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS 2012.

      ABX poisoned SLW books and trades 2009-2012 via PASCUA PONZI PROSPECTUS & SCHEEME

    • It's my understanding that every Tomahawk cruise missile has several pounds of silver onboard in the form of batteries, silver solder, electrical connections, etc.

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