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  • shausser719 shausser719 Feb 9, 2012 6:05 PM Flag

    I was "reported" for "extremism"

    By some crackpot leftist women who thinks that I am not allowed to criticize Barack Obama.

    The only debate ongoing about his "economic" policies are not whether they are sound but rather whether or not he is he deliberately destroying the economy of the United States.

    Can you believe that in America we would would have people reporting you to the government for opposing views. OBAMA.

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    • Your offensive diatribes where you name call every post, are what got you blown away. I am surprised your posts have not been totally wiped out in their entirety. I'm sorry if use of nukes to end Vietnam, nukes to end Afcamelstain,nuclear bomb to straighten out Pakistan, leaving Israel to nuke their enemies and us walking away, complaints about loss of habeas corpus last December when Oblama took the rights to lawyers away from "terrorists" (undefined), advocacy of Perot (don't send jobs overseas), and Ron Paul two elections deep is left of center to you. I am sorry my disdain for organized whining into an empty sky makes you into a drooling lunatic. I don't lay claim to that pejorative, you seem to work that magic all by yourself.

      You must be real rich to like the other political side, for whom $375,000 per speaking engagements constitutes chump change. Yeah, that's someone that really identifies with the average middle class guy. Yeah, I must look like a screaming liberal, to Abadabbajeaniebarf and Stalin.

      Half the world follows anyone slapping two pieces of wood together at ninety degree angles together into an abyss. In 300 island universes with as many as 46 BILLION planets and platetoids capable of supporting carbon based life, you want to believe you are created in the ONLY god's image, with believing in just the right sect, with just the right genuflections, gets you into a mythical playground in the sky, knock yourself out. I find it pathetic and disgusting, worse, as frightening and perverted as Al Kaida painted with a different brush.

      Instead of babbling on Sunday into an empty sky like some frightened caveman cringing at thunder, I think all of that stuff will take care of itself without all that meaningless fawning, groveling and bad singing on a Sunday morning, all designed to make you feel better about poor old favorite Uncle Fred who dropped dead last week, and an opportunity to show off new clothes and cars to neighbors. Hint: Uncle Fred's dust, and if he comes "back", I suggest a bullet in his brain before he starts gnawing on your leg.

      This is a private board with NO rights to free speech unless you follow the COMPANY guidelines. I will agree with you, that your experience is an ANALOGY of where America is going with respect to free speech in the world where newspapers and the fourth estate have those rights, but this board is a direct product of a corporate perk to those who play here, not the government. Pay the dues or lose.

      Of all the places where a good ANALOGY of corporate fascism, an example America drifts into as corporations take over every facet of your life, where the Amendments freeing slaves have been overruled by Blackberry's tethering you to the work place 24/--the yahoo boards are exactly that. But this is a private club, and the club owners make the rules. Take it or leave it.

      YAHOO is not here to emulate the American "rights" in a public forum. Their objections however obnoxious to you, are not illegal.

      You want to find out who is screwing with you the most, look in the mirror at who is staring at you every morning.

      Good luck with that.

    • The FBI said that anyone who criticizes the government, don't want to pay taxes and buy gold is a terrorist. Now they have the law you and Ron Paul may disappear into a black hole. BEWARE.

    • ---------Your use of the word "goyem" is despicable---------

      YDM referred to you as "GOYEM". Poor little whiney boy; did he hurt your feelings? Do you prefer to be called by your deserved title, Like A--HOLE or STUPID. Yes, that would indeed be more appropriate.

    • ======It seems that my last reply to you was censored. Because of political correctness I am not even allowed to reply to your strange if not moronic post of your activities in the 1970's.

      Anyway we need no longer correspond so..


      Yes, Yahoo censors all really stupid posts. Should give you a hint !

    • It seems that my last reply to you was censored. Because of political correctness I am not even allowed to reply to your strange if not moronic post of your activities in the 1970's.

      Anyway we need no longer correspond so..


    • Just like I thought. Nothing of substance, just indications of unreasoned emotion, which is evidence that the duping process is still very powerful.

    • --------You are truly one despicable human being--------

      Well thank you !

    • You are truly one despicable human being.

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      • this is America, freedom of speech. The fact is no matter what he said or how many times he said it he is still correct.

        Amazing how many of you knuckleheads still support the fascist Obama.
        If you cannot see how he is hurting this country you are truly blind.

        Both parties are the same and it doesn't matter which one is in control at this point because we are headed down the same road

        I don't like Obama, but I also don't have much faith in anyone else except for Ron Paul.

        This idiot woman screaming about being extremist should be more concerned about the extremist in the WH and not on a message board. But then, thats exactly what sheeple do.

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