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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Feb 11, 2012 6:32 PM Flag

    Butler's Enough Is Enough---Blind Spot

    You are really hitting on those whose self-centered, and mostly illegal, activities are taking us down a rabbit hole from which the country may never recover.

    This board is a real treasure of attachment to basic truths, as are the message boards of others in this investment sector (except for some of those described in the following).

    Real money, not the counterfeit fiat type espoused by the banksters and their poltical henchmen, is a disciplinary spending mechanism on government outlays. Real money cannot be created electronically. It can only be conveyed that there is the certitude that it is available to be exchanged. The mechanism for doing so only needs to be developed within our modern framework in an all-encompassing manner.

    The trouble is that the criminals in banking and politics could no longer carry out their plunder on common folk the world over. It is so interesting that the closer anyone gets to that concept in a mass media public venue the more the “crazy” card is dealt. Ya’all know what is being referred to, or does a list need to be created of those mass media puppets that fit the bill. Now, putting this under consideration, maybe that’s what should be done. Let’s start naming those in the media who are using pejorative terms to silence and destroy the credibility of those who could lead us back to the way the country is defined in the US Constitution (less the revisions of the Progressive Era and onward). That makes a lot more sense than those who waste their valuable time on personal attacks in their capacity as ciphers that really leads nowhere.

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