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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Feb 23, 2012 7:55 PM Flag

    Did you know ABX was delisted in London UK markets 2007 (1 year after negative Pascua Judgment)?

    UK LA (UK Public Listing authority) delisted ABX May, 2007

    Why did Barrick continue to e-mail fraud + wire fraud + coinage offenses conveyance, when "selling the sanke oil 2007-2012 that BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION - ABX was listed and trades at LONDON MARKET EXCHANGE 2007-2012 is as false as

    BARRICK owns 2012 TESOROS concessions with:

    as per RCMP 2006


    MINERA NEVADA SpA as per criminals at ABX insiders den, 2011 to date.

    Non, not RCMP - IMET, nor TSX/OSC or NYSE/SEC, may produce against MWR to counter, one misely TESOROS TITLE valid 2001 to 2012 to the name of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION or any of its cells of financial terrorism worldwide, (subsidiaries).

    No one, no accountant, no auditorn no Mining Property expert, no Attorney, no insider, no employee, not AARON REGENT DISGUNTING CRIMINAL IMPERSONATOR.

    Nor PETER MUNK disgusting thief marauder of public's money 1996-2012.

    Your empire built to crash in crime, has seen its foundation taken by MWR, the next annointed PASCUA HOLDER that Barrick this time can not intercept any longer a business of Mr. Jorge Lopehandia, thanks to heroics of MWR.

    In so much as anyone named open its mouth against the facts of record, that party will be in overt violation of:

    * PASCUA LAMA PONZI 2001-2012.
    * BARRICK SILVER WHEATON CIVIL RICO public run 2009-2012
    * USA and Canada Public's markets laws.
    * USA - CANADA - CHILE Banking laws
    * Rules and regulations of Exchanges worldwide.
    * Chilean Mining legislation v. Lopehandia
    * Canadian Civil and Criminal law v. Lopehandia
    * Canadian and USA criminal law v. MWR and its shareholders.
    * RCMP _ IMET rules and regulations that maintain good standings on the financial markets for the reputation of Canada.
    * MWR shareholders's financial rights and gain 2010 to date.
    * Chile and worldwide miners represented by Mina Pascua owner.

    Barrick has made a career of building itself from pillaged mining portfolio and clients of MINA PASCUA owner on public record 1996-2012.

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