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  • shenjee shenjee Mar 10, 2012 12:54 PM Flag

    12-16 Mar Eco Calendar Fedspeak: No QE III

    I think most of the these events are noises. Just read the yahoo finance titled article, it is bullish in the general market. I kinda agree with that view.

    Let's just look at Friday's performance. The general market rose in a pretty significant way. The PM market dropped down early morning, but later chimed in except SLW. People cried out manipulation and I agree. SLW can do it in one day, but they cannot keep doing it if the Price of silver keep rising in the green. So I tend to think next week will be bullish in the general market, and the price of silver and gold will rise slightly in favor of the bigger picture of inflation. That means SLW will rise sheepishly in the general condition with some deep drops attempted by the shorts (meaning, haha, the morgans and the like.)

    That much said, I think the Earning report following next week will trump all the economic reports of the coming week. Even Bernanke's big mouth will not matter. Specially after the strong effect of his mouth last week. This time his mumbles will not mean anything. Cause people already expect that there will be no QE3, even though QE3 in reality already happened. To be or not to be is no longer the question. So it's gonna be a non event. Not sure how he will time the market for the election. Most likely he will try to shake the market on the 2nd half on the year. In his eyes this market so far is just about right. He doesn't need to do anything. So my guess next week his talk will be much ado about nothing.

    In terms of Q report. That's more significant. Actually very significant. Not sure how the market will interpret. Never predictable. With a hot stock like SLW I tend to guess that we will run up before then drop, and if we don't run up before we will afterwards. Either way I'm just hoping POS will help us.

    No matter what happens, if we gone up too much you know how will whack us. If we gone down too much we always hope that the POS will help us. This is the reason why we invest in SLW. Nothing is for sure except there will be inflation, and the price of silver will go up.

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