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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Mar 18, 2012 1:50 AM Flag

    Silver Shortage (youTube)

    It appears that it will be the next asset to be seized by government “in the interests of national security” from “We The People”. And by then the 2nd Amendment will long have disappeared from the Founding document. You don’t believe it?

    Ron Paul has devoted his political life to inform people of the threat to their liberty posed by the Federal Reserve, actually has a voting record that represents his stance and is the initiator of hearings that excoriate the record of the Fed. He is a modern day Andrew Jackson (on the banking issue). Since his run for President this election cycle he is the most attacked candidate by all so called “conservatives” in the “talk show” circuit, including, but not limited to that chicken hawk, Rush Limbaugh, whilst continually being marginalized by the “drive-by media” (some will know who originated that term). Of course socialist Democrat liberals just stand aside in amused silence unless his (Paul’s) message looks as if it might actually be gaining a significant number of adherents. What is that saying? “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    It is unfortunate for those of us who see what is coming in the not too distant future that an overwhelming majority of the people do not understand the scam that is being perpetrated on them by world central banking systems that are supported by government legal tender laws long misused to do away with constitutional mandates that define what shall be considered money. And for many others who do understand, they seem to be of the opinion, “So what can we do about it?” Then there is the 3rd classification who could care less about the implications as long as they come out on top.

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    • You Ron Paulbots are insane, as is your leader. The conspiracy theories posited my Mr. Paul are those of a seriously delusional crackpot. The ironic thing is that after decades of spouting his delusions, he has finally found traction. Anyone notice how all the differing political sides now believe in these amazing conspiracy theories? If you think they're going to confiscate your silver, simply hide it in various places and stock up on some lead to protect your silver. I also have silver that I've stocked up on, but I'm not thinking the federal reserve is going to take over our country, nor do I expect to use my silver to purchase vital necessities when the world crashes. I expect the silver I have put away, will protect my wealth from inflation, and given that I paid in the vicinity of about 8 dollars an eagle, it has done pretty well for me.

      If you really think its the end of civilization, wouldn't you be better off stocking up on other valuable commodities, like toilet paper, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes, etc. You could keep these commodities, and in the potential civilizational collapse you believe is coming, wouldn't you be just as well off with these commodities without fear the government would seize all the toilet paper, food, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes, etc? At least with those commodities, I can see you being able to universally sell or trade them, but silver would appear to only be useful to someone who needed it. Try and see a doctor, and get some meds, it will help.

    • The printing of money out of thin air is really scary. It is just a piece of paper backed by NOTHING.

    • There is a great winnowing process in the offing. The TV show "Walking Dead" will be a piker's tale when it comes to pass.

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