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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Mar 29, 2012 3:57 PM Flag

    Agenda 21 terror continues

    The problem with your arguments is one of flawed logic, which can be easily shown in Venn diagrammatical fashion. To wit, just because Winkler has a Ron Paul sticker on his bumper doesn’t mean that Ron Paul supports Winkler’s racist views.

    But of course your comments are never meant to exhibit valid connections, but rather to destroy the credibility of those you or your handlers wish to. Any who have followed you over a period of time would have to conclude, using the above Venn type logic, that you are a Federal Reserve plant. That logic sure makes a lot more sense than does yours. Or is it just a case that your cognitive abilities are slipping away, making logic a difficult chore for you? As far as those same abilities that seem to be evident with your aforementioned handlers, that is not even a consideration, as only deceit inhabits their thought processes.

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    • I never whote that Ron Paul supported Winkler or even knew that Winkler existed. It is just showing the type of people who support Ron Paul. You are turning everything backwards and upside down. That also seems to be the logic used by Ron Paul supporters. If you support Ron Paul then you are in the company with Winkler.

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