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    • Note the real philosphy of socialism. "to each according to his contribution". Forget what you have been brainwashed with by the Wall st. bankers.

    • It is unfortunate people are not educater enough to know that socialism is based on workers being payed in proportion to what they produce. It is under communism that everybody gets the same and under capitalism that most of the profit goes to the bankers and rich.

    • “…economic collapse would be a Godsend is overwhelming. …”

      For sure! Those that would be most damaged, according to wealth, would be those connected to the central banking industry. They would be wiped out because their wealth is dependent on the continuing scam of forcing fiat money on the rest of us. That requires that they drive down the PM markets periodically by flooding them with futures contracts and actual sales of bullion. These markets are now well into backwardization, which means they are subject to the law of diminishing returns.

    • Thanks for that. The evidence that economic collapse would be a Godsend is overwhelming.

    • Part 2

      “…That does not mean they cannot be eliminated. For example, entitlements include $24 billion per year for food stamps. There is no contractual obligation to continue those, only political expediency. By now, most Americans have stood in grocery lines and watched the well-dressed customer in front of them use food stamps for ice cream and pretzels, pay cash for two bottles of wine, and then drive away in a late-model car. The political function of the food stamp program is not to help the hungry but to buy votes.

      Herein lies the doomsday mechanism. These obligations will be paid out of future taxes or inflation. Entitlements currently represent 52% of all federal outlays, and they are growing at the rate of 12% each year. When this is added to the 14% that is now being spent for interest payments on the national debt, we come to the startling conclusion that two-thirds of all federal expenses are now entirely automatic, and that percentage is growing each month. …”

      This book is available on the Internet, and has more valid accurate information than what is published in news articles, particularly the one cited in the above referenced topic.

    • Re: Ron Paul: 'I'm Trying To Save The Republican Party'

      Part 1

      The following is posted by an author who has done extensive research on this and other issues in his book; “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, by G. Edward Griffin:

      “By 1996, welfare benefits in 29 states were higher than the average secretary’s wage; and, in 6 states, they were more than the entry-level wage for computer programmers. When people can vote for the transfer of wealth to themselves, the ballot box becomes a weapon by which the majority plunders the minority. That is the point of no return, the point where the doomsday mechanism begins to accelerate until the system self-destructs. The plundered grow weary of carrying the load and eventually join the plunderers. In the end, only the state remains.” (As a side note, not cited in the book, this is what ethical credentialed behaviorists call “identifying with the aggressor, which many did when the Nausea’s were in control.”)

      The doomsday mechanism is also operating within government itself. By 2010, the average federal worker was earning 60% more than the average worker in the private sector. By 1992, more than half of all federal outlays went for entitlements. Those are expenses-Medicare, Social Security, and retirement programs-based on promises of future payments. …”

    • ‘Tis best not to venture into the “banal”, lest the sensibilities of the stensors are aroused, though, admittedly, these are more likely to be aroused by attacks on socialism. Let’s see if the following will post yet:

    • Are you after ruining my prosaic entertainment? LOL.

      I could have said 'grasping at straws' or something more banal still, but sought to trifle a bit with the pretenders head.

    • The context of your usage of the word "reaching" was NOT from a Webster Dictionary, but rather that of "urban" usage:

      urbandictionary com/define php?term=reaching (replace the spaces with a period)

      You might also view there the definition of "homeboy", a term more at "home" in that sort of reference work.

    • To try to grasp or touch something; range of understanding; comprehension; to stretch.

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