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  • investorzzo investorzzo Apr 13, 2012 4:46 PM Flag

    Two Scenarios For Next Precious Metals Rally (Part I)

    The crash-driven rally
    The event-driven rally

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    • An intelligent written piece. At least he knows who some of the enemies are. As he says, "of the banksters, and the political stooges who serve them:" The real enemy are those sheep who listen to the bankers propaganda and put all the blame on the politicians. They are here right on this site.

    • China wants to make Shanghai a global banking giant. China's foreign exchange market is starting to show strength. U.S. banks are losing control of the IMF. At the G20, the US will not give the IMF new funds. The banks would rather have the US provide continued swap lines to the ECB, only because US banks can manipulate currency flows. China will counter with their imports and exports in more Yuan, so they will loosen their currency standards.

      China, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia will give the IMF more money but they also want more voting rights.

      This tells me that China wants more gold, oil and silver. China is really starting to get fed up with the US banks as well as our government. The Chinese regime has told US banks to get lost. US banks are worried about China, and China knows that Fort Knox contains no gold. This should all be very interesting in the next ten years.

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      • From

        "Perceived U.S. neglect of Latin America has allowed China to move strongly into the region and become the leading trade partner of Brazil and various other nations."

        Again - China has been getting commodities from Mexico and South America. They are not selling us rare earth and not wanting to do business with US banks. Stronger dollar and the stock market will not be the case in time. This will not be 2008 again for gold and silver. China wants metals to control and Fort Knox is most probably Fort Nothing. China is turning their backs on the USA, and so is Latin and South America. Sure, a trade agreement will be hammered out at the G20, as they need stuff within our medical and tech sectors.

        We have handed money to other nations and fight wars so that US companies and banks would benefit. Jobs were shipped overseas. Banks will have the US continue with credit swaps to the ECB for currency manipulation but not the IMF. Thank you JPM, Goldman, other large banks and the FED for screwing the hard working middle class.

      • News sez "...China knows that Fort Knox contains no gold."

        Where do you find info on Ft Knox gold? Ron Paul has been trying for years to get an official audit. This is of greater concern since the 2008 discovery of tungsten covered gold bars in international circulation.

        Questions: How much pure gold does the US have secured, and how much of that does US have clear title to?

        Buy silver, Vote Ron Paul, Stay ever vigilant.


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