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    • He does not understand the real meaning of fascism. Fascism is when the government gets privitized. Yes you lose your rights to private industry as the bankers and corporatists run the government. The government is too weak to enforce the laws against the bankers and CEOs. That is fascism = weak government. Bankers in control.

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      • We, the People, are supposed to be the government. Strong central governments are fascist because they draw their strength from mega corporations and central banks.

        What has been allowed to happen is the power of the purse strings used to be held largely by the middle class when real Constitutional money still existed. Then after the aforementioned usual suspects, always present throughout history, sought to destroy the middle class by controlling the money through the Federal Reserve, it was the end of the country as defined in the US Constitution.

        The country will only return to be the “land of the free” if the Fed is removed and Constitutional money is restored with modern techniques now in place, instead of using modern techniques under a fiat counterfeit monopoly money system to plunder us all.

        Most of the destruction of our freedoms occurred during the Wilson Administration when the Income Tax, the Federal Reserve Act and US Senators became popularly elected. This gave the last named exceedingly more power because the ability to remove them from office through State Legislatures before their term was completed was essentially destroyed. Of course the weak minded will always retort that their US Senators are elected by them, and that is a good thing, but have no knowledge of how these Senators could, and were, removed if state electorates did not like their performance. There are many examples of how the US Senate has sided with the powers of the mega banks and mega corporations. This is the go-to governing body when this cabal wants to have things their way.

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