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  • hailurban hailurban May 14, 2012 11:19 PM Flag

    CEO Ego Trip Part II

    "One thing I've been saying to most of these companies is they don't need to grow. They just need to maintain what they have. The market won't mind that, as long as they pay it back in dividends."
    They should be paying out more and more. At the current Gold Price, the payout ratio among large producers is less than 20%. It's way too low. One reason it's too low is because mining companies think they have to build all these new projects. But they don't. Their stocks would probably double if they said, "We're just going to maintain steady‐state production and declare a dividend of X amount."

    "But these guys don't think that way because they want to build big mines with shiny new trucks and they want to send their exploration guys out to all corners of the earth. That's their modus operandi."

    John Hathaway

    CEO needs to take a deep breath and pay attention to what Hathaway is saying here. This company need to become more of a marketing organization and stop acting and talking like miners. Their message has been terrible. Many investors think they are a silver miner! A name brand modification to something like "Silver Wheaton Financial Corporation", etc...would do a lot of good imo.

    CEO needs to lose the permanent three day shadow. It makes him come off as unprofessional and acts as a distraction.

    There are some smart people on this board. Does anyone know what would be the max sustainable dividend they could pay? Could it be monthly?

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