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  • pepperoniandmushrooms2003 pepperoniandmushrooms2003 Jun 3, 2012 11:56 AM Flag

    a message to the good hearted souls

    maybe many of you dont realise and even more wont believe this.

    but, we have some major weather changes occuring in the world.

    can anybody tell me if GOLD is a good conductor of electricity?

    it sure is. Our earth has its own biosphere, everything is connected to everything else.

    dont think for a second that removing millions of tons of gold from various locations within the earth, will not disrupt the enviroment, im not talking water, or erosion. Im talking weather, magnetics etc....

    humans are so "near sighted"

    Sure the earth changes and adapts to what ever ails it at that given time, life dies and flourishs again in another form.

    You may think this is crazy, but look at a simple circuit board that was designed to run efficiently for a simple purpose. start removeing parts of that board, or re arranging the parts.

    that circuit wont operate the same.

    our earth is the same way. its going to be here for a long time. but we will have to adjust "as we do" if we plan to stick around also.

    Theres going to be alot of rude awakenings, lots of death.

    so be ready, make your connection with what ever you call god, doesnt matter the name, just knowing theres a bigger picture and NO we are not masters of the universe.

    good luck, and god save the children.

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    • this post just goes to prove how very small and limited your mind really is.

      imagine a world, no wait,,,,imagine a universe where only whats in "your mind"


      what a dull boring non existant place that would be.

    • OK, now you have removed all doubt - you are a certified moron. Instead of wasting your time pursuing
      fantasies, learn to write and spell. It marks you, immediately, as one without any credibility.

    • I remember last year Dr. Katzenstein "spelling maybe in correct" he is a professor and highly regarded scientist at Stanford University. The good Dr. came to one of our healing ceremonies, he came in his wheel chair. He suffers from Diabeties, his leg is purple swollen and has open lesions, at the time "amputation" was all that was left, he tried everything else.

      So here is the good Dr. at ceremony, not his some one elses, none the less he was invited with the hopes that he would ask the medicine man to save his leg.

      when the ceremony ended, his eyes were wide, his mouth was wide open, "wow" were his words. He had never seen anything like it. The spirits had come over to him and tapped on his leg brace and danced in front of him. He was blown away.

      Three CEOs of national companies were there. in fact it was on the property of the company that broadcasts the SF Giants web casts, thats the only clue ill give, because im sure these very wealthy influencial people dont want their names used here.

      anyways, even after the Doctor was told that "they" could save his leg, all he needs to do was "ask"....He said he would think about it.

      This is a man, that has spent about 40 years as a scientist a professor a physician. he has tried every western medicine approach to his problem.

      Here, given a very easy choice to make, he had just seen 2 men cured of prostate cancer, a women cured of a brain tumor, "removed" and yet, with all the wow and amazement. He couldnt wrap his brain around what he had just seen, heard felt experienced.

      More so, his ego, his credentials, everything he had learned and taught was now in question.

      He never came back, he chose to suffer and im sure his leg has been removed.

      You can look his name up, Im sure its listed there some where at Stanford U.

      I can recite dozens of very similar situations. Even my own sister chose to have both breasts removed, because its the "norm" her body could have been saved, But she couldnt wrap her mind around anything outside of what western medicine has led her to believe.

      its a very sad situation.

      People put so much value in things, gold, silver diamonds, stock, paper dollars.

      none of is has any real value, its all "percieved value"

      humans try to create value in anything.

      because they have no value in themselves, they dont realise their own worth, their own connection to god creator.

      when they value the fact they are "thee creation" and value their connection to god, they will no longer place such importance or value in paper, metal, or gems.

      they will have all the value they will ever need. "knowing" that being human, gods creation, is "everything" and nothing else really matters.

      when MAN knows who MAN is, things will change for the better, until then. Its a fools game being played.

    • Tesla - the brains behind everything Edison took credit for. Edison, along with FDR, probably the biggest crooks in American history. Edison was a good salesman and like all salesmen, an accomplished BS artist.

    • lol, sure they do.

      ask the FBI,CIA,NSA and every other agency thats come to our ceremonies about what they saw and heard, and "felt", im sure they are wacko also.

    • Those voices you hear are all within your head. They do not come from spirits they come your illness. You show signs of severe schizophrenia and do not need alcohol or drugs.

    • LOL, funny I dont drink smoke or do any drugs.

      youd be suprised at what I can do though.

    • If there has ever been a thread on this board that has been a bigger waste of time, I'm unaware of it.

      All this banter about magnetic gold, the earth going into tailspin because gold has been mined, Native American "spirits", and sundance (I thought it was an independant movie "thing") is nothing but nothing.
      B as in "B", S as in "S".

      Pepper, go back to lurking. Time better spent.

    • pepperonian: "can anybody tell me if GOLD is a good conductor of electricity?"

      Even pepperoni will conduct electricity if you apply enough voltage.

    • ---------------what if im a Lakota Sundancer?
      what im telling you people, are not my words.

      They are words of the Tunkashila, they warn all of us of what is to come.
      I believe "spiritual beings" that speak directly to me/us alot more then human beings.

      its like watching grass grow, only the opposite.

      be well, "Mitaquaysin"-----------------

      You are a prime example of what happens when heroin controls your life. You are way beyond alcohol or pot addiction. You should be isolated from humans until you self destruct.

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