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  • investorzzo investorzzo Jun 21, 2012 2:31 AM Flag

    Who Destroyed the Middle Class, Part 1

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    • Whether corporations or the people control government are different and there is no trying to meld them into a single point of view. The misuse of the word socialism to mean communism is propaganda used by the fascist right to confuse people. Socialism is an economic system where the producers are rewarded in accordance with their production and the value is on human beings. That is opposed to a system where humans have no value and fiat money is put up as a god.

      Socialism is fully compatible with our Constitution.

    • You have to learn who you enemy is. When big money gets control of the government that is fascism. We have to get control of the government back not surrender everything to big money.

    • Reagan to Carter:

      youtu be/Wi9y5-Vo61w (replace the space with a period to access)

    • This is a misuse of the word "socialist". We are heading towards a fascist system of corporate control of government. That is right wing while socialist means left wing and control by the people.

    • Every culture has its own history and interesting customs. So we will have to agree to disagree that a one world culture is a good idea. While the world is changing due to modern high speed travel and electronic communications there is a contingent of the elite that wants to impose their values on everyone and bring about a “one world culture”. They think it is their right to do so. The combined wealth of the elite, represented by a very few families, exceeds that of everyone else combined. That wealth, by the way, has been stolen in ways not readily understood by most people, and that is why they have gotten away with it. Their policies have resulted in the deaths of many people as if by remote control. (See “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin.)

      This is really the issue; the right of people everywhere to conduct their lives without government interference, which is instigated by those who have the wealth to control those in governments. The fact that times are changing is not a problem as long as the change is not one arising from government controls because everyone has a say in who will represent them. The caucuses and primaries for the elections in November have shown the extent to which outcomes have been manipulated to select candidates not of peoples’ choosing. Another prime current example of control is “global warming”, which is nothing more than a power grab being spread internationally.

      What happens, when there is a complete loss of freedom, exists, for example, in North Korea where people not connected to the government are living in such poverty that they are near starvation. What the elite fail to understand (or maybe they do) is that if their agenda succeeds in being an imposition on everyone outside of them their lot in life will be no different than that of the North Koreans. Such organizations as the Fabian Society actually believe that Earth is overpopulated, and it is their objective to reverse that in quite brutal but clandestine ways not traceable to them, meaning many, if their objective succeeds, will live in near or actual starvation, just as in North Korea.

    • hapi,
      I agree with you.
      I am just saying that China isn't what we Americans think
      it is. As a American expat my eyes have been opened a little.
      The peoples of the world are gradually adjusting to a smaller
      The principles of our founding fathers have been eroded by the
      big government. All cultures are in constant change.
      A one world culture is different than a one world government.
      In the Information Age this process is in high speed. No?

    • "... You buy your apartment. ..." From whom? And what exactly does it mean to “buy” it? You are still relatively free HERE to give your opinion.

      Since this country was founded it was based on the concept of private ownership of property. That is, until recently. It could very well be a conspiracy to place most private ownership into the hands of a few due to the derivative mess created by the CDO concept of David X. Li (of China, and currently residing there). The mega banks have huge inventories of repossessed homes due to the mortgage meltdown. This is not going to change for the better any time soon because it requires an economy that places back into peoples’ hands enough savings to again qualify to be homeowners. This would never have happened if US politicians had honored their oath of office to uphold the US Constitution going back to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. If they (mega banks and their largest investors) really believe it will be possible to complete this slide towards a socialist one-world government, absent any private ownership, they better understand that most people in the United States will support the US Constitution, even if the politicians will not, assuming you understand what this means.

    • In mathematical circles, what we are experiencing is called regression to the mean. We can't leave in a global society and expect to start our hs grads at $15-16 an hour when in china, they will work for $1-$2 an hour at any age. We are the richest nation, but until more china catches up, we can expect more of the same.

    • A nice graphic variation of my experience, which I couch as "in 1971, I made 10K salary, cars were $3.5K, and houses $40K--2012 you need 100K salary, for the same car now $35K, and the same house is $400K--if everything is 10X, a dollar is a dime, and there's no growth.

      If you aren't joining the military and getting your college ed for free, you've wasted another four years you could be making money, ($125K) and about 125K in addition in needless loans to be babysat for four years while you go about getting drunk and screwing co-eds.

      And, if you're not studying a real profession, like accounting, or lawyering, or doctoring, you're wasting your time in spades, and industry has to spend zillions to retrain after your "education".

      But that is another rant for another day.

    • Quinn’s sentiment is correct, if not his timeline, from what he quoted within. This didn’t happen in the last 30 years. It has been a carefully controlled orchestrated heist by central bankers over more than 100 years. That is why it has been so successful. The robbery has gone on at such a slow pace that few notice it. They have further imbued populations with lies from cradle to grave through education and media outlets, which has brought us to where we are today.

      Those controlling the levers of production for counterfeit fiat monopoly money are nuts to think they will get away with this forever. At some point people will start to wake up. When that happens the families, descendants and associates involved in the scam from the beginning will lose more than just their wealth as more commentators lose their timidity and become more public about the process of wealth destruction. It is obvious that, at some level, those with a public voice know what the root causes are, but fear or a certain amount of conflict with their own interests has kept them silent. The stolen wealth will have to be returned in some way. That will be quite difficult because of how long ago central banks have been involved in criminal activity, along with the politicians they control. You can count on it.

      G. Edward Griffin provides a solution near the end of the book he wrote entitled, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. It is a large book, and should be read in its entirety to get a full understanding of how the robbery was planned and executed. At Amazon it is under $20. Complaining about the loss of prosperity, without fully understanding how it was undertaken is useless. Compared to Griffin’s in depth description of financial history, Quinn’s article is a total softball of the schemes involved, but typical of anything currently available on the public airwaves.

      Please note that nowhere within Quinn’s piece does he point the finger directly at how unconstitutional money has been the main cause for everything he mentioned. Just how are people to be enlightened about the cause if reasons only skirt the edges of the problem? For example, the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act would never have taken place (and would not have been needed in the first place) if honest money existed, nor would any of the other issues Quinn mentions within. Read some of what Alan Greenspan wrote, before he lost his sole to the Devil.

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