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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Jul 25, 2012 12:53 AM Flag

    Who wants to donate for the Colorado killer's defense fund?

    Just garb yourself in the hospital robe of the 26 year old mother resting in the hospital bed of the critical care unit of a Denver hospital who keeps asking, when she regains consciousness, to see her 6 year old daughter who she last remembers sitting next to her in the theater watching the exciting Batman movie. Hospital staff do not believe it is wise to inform this young mother that the "Joker" obliterated the life of her young daughter while vaporizing the lives of 11 other innocent moviegoers as this revelation might not be therapeutic to this young mother's recovery. Later, if not already, this mother will learn the tragic fate of her daughter. And then later, she will receive a subpeona to attend a preliminary hearing or grand jury hearing to first tell the world how she escorted her daughter to a date with death. Later she will have to repeat this performance in front of a jury (during trial). How sweet it is for this mother to be forced to grant the "Joker" his "rights". And how many other victims get to relish in these exercises before the public spotlight simply because there are those who claim money is no object in protecting a criminal's rights. After all, what if "you" were being charged with a crime.

    Sorry! I'm not about to eliminate a platoon of innocent civilians from the face of the earth. And as for those who wish to discover the "why" for this idiot's actions??? I don't care a hoot for "why" he did it. In fact, I don't care if his attorney can make a claim under the age old McNaughton Rule that the Joker "could not distinguish between right and wrong". He had the mental capacity to pull the trigger again and again and again..........

    So, once more, I pose the question as to how much money/resources the citizens of Colorado should cough up for the sensationalized defense of this cold blooded killer? If a defendant's legal team hires a shrink, that shrink will theorize a reason to explain away (or at least mitigate) homicidal behavior. So they will hire numerous shrinks (hired guns). That is a given. But who cares in circumstances such as this? The prosecutor's shrinks will say the opposite but in the long run....nothing will bring back the 12 victims....nothing! Nothing will heal the psychological wounds of all the other theater victims. They are scarred for life. So how many resources should be expended on the Joker? And does the government have the right to spend other people's money (the taxpayers) giving it to the Joker's defense team?

    The Joker needs to be put down...very quickly and without wasting....a lot of resources. Enough said!

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    • Not enough said. Baby tossed with bathwater, no matter how immediately satisfying, sets precedent we don't need because it doesn't stop with this one crime.

      Might work in Britain where law isn't written every case tried, instead of just codified, and followed without precedent. Maybe not.

      Your argument is forget the flowers and argumentation for a hot night out, just jump the chick -- you know where this is going anyway -- and it just drags the innocent parents through the courting ritual wondering and sweating daughter Jenny is giving it up for some lowlife.

      There's a reason why you have to go through the flowers and candy, and frankly, removing that pain is like failing to let a bank go, well, bankrupt.

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      • I knew that emoting replacing rational thinking was a growing phenomena, but was entirely unaware that it was approaching nearly graduate course level.

        YDM, we don't always agree. But on this issue we seem to be on the same page. Maybe it has something to do with our age.

        Rather than asking ourselves "how does that make you feel?" as is the case nowadays, we still resolve matters by asking "what do you think about that?".

        We are in deep, deep doodoo.

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