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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Aug 16, 2012 2:26 PM Flag

    Why the Move?

    Mysterioso, stimulatum, excretatum coming out of your Jackson's Hole meeting end of month.

    MORE mysterioso, stimulatum, excretatum, coming to a FOMC meeting in September 12th ish when that Jackson Hole becomes a Sinkhole.

    The more the stats stink, the more the market anticipates Fed action. Everybody touts flea market crapitallism, but katy bar the door when the handout helicopter rotors start to turn, even if it is just WIND moving the rotors.

    It's all wind. The last Bernanke stalls were geared to cover flop sweat because the Fed is out of bullets, the Fed bolsters banks, the full employment mantra is drivel, they can't do anything differently than that which is done and gone. Sure they can extend twist, buy bonds infinitum, print paper no one in the world is buying any longer, destroy the dollar so foreigners look more prosperous---but that is going in the so what book, these investors want AVATAR, not coal tar, or they'll tar and feather the market. We're looking at some pretty heavy headwinds, but--not yet, not yet.

    In the end, your end, you're going to find out nothing is sexy in the Fed bag of tricks.

    The first inkling of blaha is up your Jackson Hole, where we will be told, the economy is fragile, but mending, we're "holding off" (cough cough) right now, the Congress has to act soon to extend the Bush tax cuts, and I need to do a little sidestep....oh,,uh,, yeah, I'm standing by with my bag of bullchit with all these uh, things like adding Ummm then I'll buy. I know, I know, I'll tell the banks to uh, well. That's all the time I have, any questions save it for the FOMC meeting. I'll have some new bluffs for you then."

    In the meantime, the bet is the Fed will have to act.

    It's all smoke and mirrors. The Fed is dead.
    Why suspect wind only? The Fed is out of bullets, is playing the wizard of OZ reluctantly because there aren't any more tricks. The irates are near zero, the banks are stuffed with money they won't lend to joestapped underwaterhomeowner so he can garner the difference, and go buy that 6 ton SUV that gets 5 MPG (Chryler's GIKILLER 650)

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    • First of all, "it's a chopper honey, not a motorcycle".
      And Zed is dead, not the Fed.The Fed is alive and well.And if the election goes the way the media has it planned, the Fed will probably expand it's role.After all, we'll need much more construction jobs to fill the holes they're digging. I think they're not called "regulatory affairs".
      Why the move?
      SLW finally improved it's standing on Wall Street with the new contract and is clawing back to a multiple of Ag.
      I don't think Gold and Silver moving has anything to do with Benny and the Jets.It has more to do with the Jets than Benny.
      Or maybe Soros and Paulson's Jets.
      Or Netanyahu's Jets.

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      • Netanyahu's Jets....great post the message boards are truly sad these days, all the regulars are gone...summer trading sucks...the rumor of war is being heard in the trading pits

        one of these days Benjamin will be pushed and so will the war button.

        I believe in 3 things, AAPL/CRUS, GLD/SLW, and OIL/ of these days SLW will FLY, FLY, FLy like the wind...again!!

      • Yo sharkster.

        Netanyahoo? Gesundheit!

        It could be a little of both, new mines, markets swelling under the potential stroking of the Fed, which I auger isn't possible. Auger auger auger.

        I will grant the new deal, and the news that Barrook is keeping up its end of the deal by playing those three backup mines is beginning to take fruit. Fruit is plentiful (corn, is not).

        I see the resurgence of the 2X rule. I bought a 1000 shares today and made some eating money for the month. I should have bought August 30's for 29 cents and nearly had a triple, but I'm not that brittle.

        Economic hurdles tomorrow, good is bad, bad is good. It's option expiration tomorrow, and the madhouse begins afresh.

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