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    • Are you sitting in dollars? That could be even more dangerous.

    • Sell an in the money 31 due Jan. Take the proceeds. Buy 30 puts starting Wednesday nechta woche, versteh?

    • More useless garbage from the Renton twit.

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      • She's shrill, annoying, has a Messianic complex, pounds tables, but is not a twit. Many of her rants are her delivering breathlessly the horror of her own findings while experiencing that horror as she speaks.

        Many of her ideas parallel your own.

        She also puts her money where her mouth is. Her heroes are disciples willing to lay down their lives for their beliefs. She shut down her investment group and gave her investors back their money, when recent court rulings made it legal for funds to use and lose your money without recourse. That took guts and a high degree of selflessness.

        She cites a certain middle eastern religion as being a political totalitarian system masquerading as faith, and doesn't deserve constitutional protection because it doesn't qualify as a faith.

        She even burned that religion's holy book page by page, then published her address and invited believers to come and get her if they had a beef.
        Now that took guts. Dumb? Not my favorite tactic. Gutsy zealotry? Ain't no doubt.

        Twit? No.

        She's a silver and gold -physical- enthusiast, a gun advocate who has an enviable personal arsenal, and a believer in the total collapse of the financial system as we know it. She advocates weapons, self defense, a well stocked larder for the coming collapse.
        Look, how far apart from her beliefs can we be, who know about, phantom trading, high frequency programs, the loss of the retail investor to the market, the powerless corrupt SEC, incompetent irresponsible Congress, corporatocracy too big to fail etc etc.

        Imagine George Carlin without the comic relief with PMS. That makes her annoying, but I listen to what she says, not how.

        Her only difference from you that I can imagine, is her overt faith in Christianity.

        It's not a perfect world.

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