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  • mammalreality mammalreality Aug 22, 2012 5:03 PM Flag

    20% BELOW 52 week high = sick and pathetic


    Considering that SLW is a silver "bank," then that kind of sharp drop below its 52 week high is truly awful.

    That sure as hell AINT "bull" market action, now is it?????

    Amazing how many amateur dopes and suckers continue to scream, "Silver short squeesze!" at the top of their lungs, like the clueless wrong way morons they happen to be.

    FACT: many silver miners trade near 52 week LOWS and a million miles away from their highs, and that particular phenomenon does NOT manifest during any fabled "silver short squeeze." LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    The silver metal may burp upward occasionally in order to allow funds to scam more amateur SUCKERS into buying even more WORTHLESS silver calls......but the dying silver miners remain "the canary in the silver mine," warning that the current silver metal upspike is PHONY and UNSUSTAINABLE. That is because, as SMART market pros like me know full well, historically, the trading action of the silver miners ALWAYS forewarns the action of the silver metal itself....and that has been true for ages.

    As long as the FATALLY WOUNDED silver miners continue to look so rotten, either trading RED or STRUGGLING to gain PUNY PENNIES.....then there is NO "silver short squeeze" or silver "bull" market taking place, NOT even close!!! That means that a silver "bank" like SLW has nothing but a very dismal future ahead of it, and it should resume its SHARP DOWNTREND into the close of the year, at any moment, on its way to LOW single digits.

    In all genuine "bull" markets, bullish stocks leap DOLLARS per day, they do NOT struggle for mere PENNIES or trade in the RED, as do most of these rotten silver companies, particularly the fatally wounded miners.

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