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    • A follow-on from a blog page that was linked to yours:

      PM’s are the buy of a lifetime. Gov’t manipulation has suppressed the paper price and thus the physical price. All indications are that may be ending, especially for silver. We’ll have to see, though, as the PTB have held on longer than most of thought they could.

      Dollar is not in as much immediate trouble as you would think. Realistically, the dollar is backed by the full force and might of the U.S. military. No one else has 12 carrier battle groups to enforce their will globally like the U.S. does.

      The Fed has a few more arrows to fire to keep the Keynesian dream alive for the time being. Talk of QE-3 is all misdirection. Truth be told we are on QE-67 or so. QE to infinity as Sinclair says. Look for the Fed to go to negative interest rates on bank reserves.

      The velocity of money is key and people over look it. It’s at depression levels. One way for the Fed to step on the inflation accelerator is to push the $1.5T in bank reserves out into the real economy. With the 10:1 fractional banking multiplier effect we are looking at $15T. That will make PM prices soar. Add a short squeeze in physical silver to that mix and it gets really interesting just how high physical silver may go.

      I thought that this was interesting because I recently started a short-lived thread asking about the Velocity of Money and only received inane comments as I recall.

      The item has a flaw that stands taking notice of, however. It is my understanding that there isn't, and hasn't been for some time, any standing reserve requirement. That makes the suggestion posed all the more monstrous.

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