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  • cmegladon cmegladon Aug 29, 2012 1:40 PM Flag

    Longer term VS short term

    Many of the posts here reflect a mixture of perspectives of time frame often misinterpreted as what is happening NOW.
    Fact is, sentiments related to investment posture here are a mixed bag. Buy,sell or hold do not necesserily reflect whether the poster is speaking of or interested in short term or long term assumptions.
    For example; Many here think this country, and the world for that matter are headed into a finanial abyss, ending in currency devaluation near the equivalent or somehwere in between Germany in the 1920s and a boit worse than where we are today.
    Few,if any think the US dollar is going to double in value.
    WHen YDM posts his "Economic Scorecard for the week of", these events pose immediate knee jerk reactions in the marksts, but, the cumulative effect of these data also suggest long term moves.

    And, when Chemaes posts, we usually understand his time frame.

    Many here have valuable input and I for one appreciate virtually all of it.
    I would also enjoy reading the perspective of the posteron how the information they postwoill impact today and 10 years out.

    Yes, many here trade daily, but just as many are looking for longer term solutions as most will not or cannot trade daily,or hourly or each minute.

    That said,knowing the intent-would be helpful.

    Just sayin.

    GL to all.

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