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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Aug 31, 2012 8:50 AM Flag

    Think: It's Currency, Act: Like a Stock

    SLW is not a surrogate for silver, not even a surrogate for a surrogate like SLV (Whew), so you have to think it's a venture capitalistic bank, that invests and is paid for in real currency, and acts like a stock.

    I have dry powder all over the place to buy on any awchit coming from Jackson Hole.

    It's just the right thing to do, capitalize on the pops, and buy back on the drops.

    It's a venture capitalism provider of funds, paid off in currency and infrequently departs in action when treated like a stock.

    Like most seas, you don't get to vote how high or low the tide, you get to make a bet on contingency.


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    • Traders of the world unite, Romney' RNC selectee, Eastwood nominated bad Jimmy Stewart impression of the year, and the only Isaac worth respecting is the one whose last name is Hayes--because while there was destruction, it wasn't Armageddon super sized. We're about an hour away from 3 BPM (10AM EST) for the Bernanke to spin his tool kit on the easing side, and I think he'll talk the plan to make a plan one step to the right. Looking for TWIST extension to end of 2014, looking for overnight rate extension to end of 2015, but don't look for those notes to be sounded at today's meeting.

      Disappointment should be accompanied by bottom fishing. FB is off another 60 cents, on the latest insider sales and being delinked with Linked In on most new pundit radars--they're different animals. RGR my conservative gun manufacturer is a real safe haven when silver soars--is selling down on the portent of news coming out of Jackson H ole. Methinks it will be a range of two bucks today.

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