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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Aug 31, 2012 2:19 PM Flag

    Perfect trifecta for silver's surge

    First, the fiscal cliff is coming to the fore. Public awareness of the problem grows everyday and when one of the upcoming presidential debates focuses on U.S. economy, the naked rulers will be seen without any clothes, and most businessmen will abandon hope of any solution and thus pull in their reins on business expansions and continue to tighten up on cost cutting/jobs.

    Second, the debt ceiling is drawing near and should hit before the end of the year. Then we will have congress kick their ineptitude into high gear and will stumble all over themselves to get absolutely nothing done. Debt downgrades will follow and treasury interest rates will be pressured higher. PM's will ride higher.

    And, Third! JP Morgan silver short position is getting decimated and with new focus on their manipulative habits, they will succumb to their own devices driving silver prices higher.

    And if the trifecta were not enough, Romney's camp talks of giving Gentle Ben his "walking papers" with the idea of replacing him with what...a more responsible protectorate of the U.S. currency? Timothy Geithner, if ousted by elections, will offer his sanguine advice to the incoming Treasury Secretary. If a newly appointed Fed Reserve chairman allows the market to set interest rates where Ben has been so controlling as of late, then U.S. national interest expense could jump more than $300 billion per annum with a mere 2% (natural) rise in interest rates. Geithner will argue that it is too late for the U.S. to allow market interest rates to rise freely. The country cannot afford it! So if Bernanke goes, the U.S. will follow down the Greek path to an "austerity" collapse. Investors will flee treasuries and seek the safe havens of gold and silver.

    Everything looks so rosy...doesn't it? But SLW will do just fine. Holding long and strong!

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    • There is no fiscal cliff approaching. Just like there was no standoff on the debt ceiling. Don't choke on the rhetoric.
      And regarding the debates; Spin doctors will make the public feel like they are dreydals, and not even knowing what a dreydal is. Docs will be prescribing meclizine like it's going out of style, and over 65er will be buying munchkins, not only to fill their donut holes, but to maintain their senility to keep up with the Eastwoods.
      I think it's illegal to burn currency, but dollar bills will be cheaper than rolling paper soon and fit the right amount of sativa for a party of six.
      Gather your nickels, the next poor man's silver.

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