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  • dalerobin777 dalerobin777 Sep 6, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    WHO are going to be the silver buyers of the future?

    Intresting how a couple years ago these cash for your gold shops popped-up all over. Where is all this gold finally winding up at ? Wish I could trace it. Now Im seeing cash for your gold AND silver ads on TV and shops signs,.. These places are all Jewish and they surely do know something... Like inside info from Israel ?

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    • Well, the dealers and pawn outfits usually send the metal straight to the refiner and they pocket the small (and often LARGE difference.) There are several outfits that do this. Ever heard of NTR Metals? They started casting a lot of silver bars in the last year. I went to their website and was surprised to see them all over the US, even one 2 hours from where I live. They buy scrap and melt it and make bars. They don't deal with the public at large. Dealers and such have to make money and can't sit on large inventories. Now what becomes of the gold AFTER its sent to smelters/refiners - THAT IS THE QUESTION.

      It's not just the pawn shops and jewelers, they have major conventions at hotels pop up all over the country. They take out big 2 full page ads in the paper and beg you to bring in whatever you've got no matter how "ugly" or tarnished your gold/silver is!

      I think the Fed actually wants Obama to win even though the business community likes Romney. Shalom knows he'll be shown the door, but more importantly, I think the Fed truly fears some Republicans actually growing a backbone and pulling a Ron Paul on them. Central bankers are part of the Marxist World Govt agenda. Look it up, a central bank is one of the main planks of the Commie Manifesto! Marxism IS ALL ABOUT STEALING FROM THE PEOPLE AND GIVING TO THE STATE AND ELITES. The Fed is the economic mechanism!

      The Fed is going to end up owning ALL the Treasury debt of the USSA. And when interest rates can't be held down any longer and they rise, almost ALL the national tax revenue will be going to service the interest on all the Treasury debt. That the Fed owns. That they "purchased" with money created out of thin air! Think about it. Fed 1913. IRS 1913. Are you seeing it now??!? Get it?!

      Strong buy physical silver. It might drop a few bucks but your dollar is sure to buy a lot lot less in 1-5 years, Treasury bubble will pop and cause massive losses, and silver is going to $200+ so what the hey!

      Sentiment: Buy

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