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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Sep 4, 2012 11:01 PM Flag

    Do any of you have an iron stomach like mine?

    I have managed to sit through this first night watching the Democratic
    convention without throwing up! But, my stamina and tolerance for mindless
    #$%$ is running down. Democrats love to tout their "dreams" for giving
    every living being within our borders a free ride to becoming something vaguely
    better than what they are... but ignoring the costs that others will bear for
    these free rides. Nobody has to pay in Obamaland! And promises like these
    buy votes. And as for the burden of the debts already on our children's
    backs....forget about it! Treasury deficits don't matter. (Financial Hell
    awaits us!)

    Obama's "Jobs Act"??? Never in the history of mankind has a government
    anywhere...anytime....created any jobs other than government jobs that must be
    funded by taxpayers. Those aren't real jobs. Democrats want Obama to have
    another 4 create jobs??? Has one democrat ever championed anyone
    that has made it on their own? Well...they did not do it on their own according
    to the enlightened Democrats. Somebody (from the government) gave them a
    helping hand. Government simply needs to get out of the way.

    Mit Romney is no savior and he should definitely downsize government by 50% and
    eliminate 80% of regulations that get in the way of private business. He
    probably won't! Additionally, Mit has this unbelievable love for (expensive)
    military power. Cut defense spending, get Americans out of harm's way, ...and
    for the love of God...get religion out of politics!

    My apathy for politics is kicking in. Neither party will salvage what is
    heading towards America. They have both promised too much for too long and the
    piper is coming to collect his dues. We're broke. We're stalemated in Congress
    as they fail to get off the pot and do anything constructive.

    Buy gold, buy guns, buy dehydrated food, store plenty of water, and get your
    hands on as much ammo as you can! You'll feel better.

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