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  • cmegladon cmegladon Sep 5, 2012 11:37 AM Flag

    ECB, the Fed, printing money & the Power of The White House

    Right now, the power play that the White House is using is the dependence of the markets on quantitative easing.
    QE's impact on markets is apparent to everyone.
    We are waiting for Super Mario to announce the new open ended ECB bond buying program. They anounce the leak rather than leak the announcement. Then deny, knowing full well their Euro is dependent on any and all juice, even if it's a jabberwhacky spouting sterile bond purchases.
    Sterile,meaning no printing press.......but how you get to openended bond purchases without the use of the press is sort of like jumbo shrimp.
    Buh,buh, buh, buh Benny is ready and primed
    They re-schedule the NY Giant/Cowboys game from Thursday night to Wednesday deferring to O'Bama.
    So juice it will be.
    The consortium will all do it.
    China is prepared to pour trillions of Yuan into the system to perpetuate the myth.
    They just have to do it on their time frame.
    So you must come to 2 conclusions.
    1-The power of the White House WILL force the Fed to act because they only have the markets to bolster your bank accounts, and more importantly, Wall Street's bank accounts. Therefore, invest accordingly!!!!!
    2-Who are the people going to vote for? The guy perceived as cutting spending OR the guy who tells you he's going to write you a check with some rich guy's money.
    Whether you like it or not, right now,both are pretty much guaranteed.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Had a water cooler discussion with fellow multi-degreed professionals over the election. Practically NOBODY gets what the Fed does, what they are about, or why gold has "gone up so much in price."
      The dumbed-down masses in this society of infinite distraction are the real force to be reckoned with here. Green pill anyone ?

    • The country is fookayed no matter which dork gets in power. They'll both allow the print print print solution--because one touts taxes are too high but wants to embolden investment in defense that is already 25X the financial committment in capital the next 25 free nations combined, the other is happy with 47% paying no taxes, they call those folks constituency.

      Why do they get away with it? Because joesixpac hasn't a clue, and both policies destroy the dollar, the basis of all "wealth" in the rest of the world. See how that works?

      But silver and gold are on a tear as a result, so some of us "get it".

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