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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Sep 6, 2012 12:56 AM Flag

    I just tossed my cookies watching the DNC convention tonight!

    Former President Clinton, now a total Marxist, preached to the DNC that
    everyone needs to "share" in the new America. He preached that we should join
    hands with the Obama administration to shape a new economy. Stalin could not
    have said it better. We should just let Obama to unleash his vision as a
    "central planner" to set the pace for every economic decision that is to be
    made for....well, just for everybody. Obama knows all....much better than the
    market forces of millions of people searching out the best values in the
    marketplace finding value for themselves and their families. No, no, no. Let
    Federal bureaucrats determine the right prices for us!

    But....worse yet! Clinton chastised Republicans for suggesting corporations
    are "people" (maybe not a good analogy). Clinton would have us believe
    corporations are evil entities merely trying to make a profit! How many decent
    jobs are provided by corporations? I dunno....maybe hundreds of millions! And
    as for those "evil" successful employers making over $ million bucks and again
    employing millions of people......they are not paying their fair share in
    taxes???? They don't pay the same rate as their secretaries who pay what... in
    taxes....maybe $800 or less??? Most successful entrepreneurs pay $60,000 to a
    $million plus in taxes. Why do they pay so much? Why should they pay 100 times
    more than than the employees they create jobs for???? And those employers need
    to pay more?

    Somebody share with me their spare percodans....any painkillers will do! I
    need a fix after listening to all this blather! More than 50% of the DNC
    attendees cheering socialist Bill Clinton at the convention do NOT PAY ANY TAXES
    AT ALL. 50% of Americans pay no taxes and more than 48% of American households
    collect a government check! So, yes. The DNC convention hall cheers Clinton as
    he proclaims successful people should donate more to the "takers"! If I didn't
    pay taxes and my handouts were being threatened...I'd scream that others pay
    more into the system as well! Such is today's democracy...the majority can vote
    themselves an increase from the "public treasury"!

    Clinton announces Obama saved America from collapse in the aftermath of 2008
    financial meltdown and consequently not as many jobs were lost as could have
    been. Well......if you spend $5 trillion dollars of our grandchildren's
    money/future and you have the Federal reserve manipulating the money supply
    higher and interest rates lower (which will come to haunt future
    administrations), then yes, Obama financed the "kicking the can down the road"
    but the inevitable financial hit we will take will be magnified 10 fold!
    Clinton actually suggested that we should vote for Obama because today's
    "naysayers" are suggesting the economy may be getting worse when, according to
    Clinton, it is actually getting better. Clinton theorized that there is a
    delayed effect to government policy, as he experienced in his terms in office,
    and that things are about to pick up. Let me tell you this! If you buy
    Clinton's suggestion that things are about to pick up, then I suggest you knock
    a few of your teeth out and put them under your pillow tonight to collect the
    tooth fairy's rewards.

    But, wait.....I need to run to my bucket. My stomach is turning once again.

    We do not want, need , and should not tolerate the central planning being
    promoted by the Democratic platform. Clinton kept preaching during his speech
    that business and government "should work together". Government is not and
    should never be a partner in economic progress! We just hit $16 trillion on our
    national debt. We just hit a new record high on food stamp recipients (under
    Obama's watch). As Clint Eastwood accurately pointed out, our elected officials
    are "our employees". And when they disappoint....we need to "let them go".

    Forgive me, but I need to go. I need to go find some Pepto Bismo! Oh Lordy!
    Can I bear to watch another night of this "bizarro world" of political
    propaganda? Where is George Orwell when I need him? Big Brother will soon be
    watching all of us!

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    • have you recovered yet?
      google " Democrats: let's ban profits "
      Peter Schiff at the DNC

    • j.azevedo Sep 7, 2012 5:50 AM Flag

      big brother is watching us

    • Comrade, we have a re-educating camp for you. You do not love Dear Leader. This must change.

    • thoroughly enjoyed listening to Bill. After all,it was his guys Rob Rubin and Larry Summers who got the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act done and set us on a course of financial ruin by allowing GS etc to get into the default credit swaps etc etc .His arithmatic really worked that out well!
      Remember when that man points his finger and tells you something, it's ALWAYS the truth!
      After all, as he pointed that finger during the Congressional hearing "I did NOT have sex with that woman". Hahaha
      C'mon, you don't get better entertainment than that anymore.
      And, for icing on the cake he even PUT IT to O'Bama and Michelle knew it.I could see it in her forced smile.
      Bill says we all have to work together. Like HE did with GW Bush on Katrina.Like HE did with George HW Bush on Haiti. Like HE did with Ronald Reagan on welfare reform. etc etc etc
      All the while saying HE could but O'Bama couldn't!
      It was great.A great show.
      And one more thing......Clint Eastwood, unfortunately couldn't accurately point out anything these days, cept maybe it's time we get a lawyer out of the Whitehouse and replace "it" with a businessman.

    • I have talked with a few neighbors that are absolutely sold in voting for Romney now after watching the DNC....I cant watch the crap come out of their mouths at the DNC...I just told them I wouldnt vote for Obama....
      You have to ask yourself what will he really accomplish in the next 4 years....more golf? Michelle taking more vacations?

      My neighbors and me have had enough of the Obamas

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Watching them weeping and gobbling up the mind manure was a scary thing, I must agree.

    • One guy thinks $370K is chump change for an afternoon speaking engagement, the other guy buys $20 TRILLION in healthcare nobody asked for and the Supreme Ct says it's ok, provided they don't add revenue collecting as a part of the picture. So I agree with quailrunrd, just think of it as insuring you're in the right investment in silver, gold, and other commodities.

      • 1 Reply to yourdeadmeat69
      • Annie has got one chunk of change in the T Rowe Price Health Sciences Fund which has done swell under the last 3 presidents, including a 70% rise since Obama has taken office, Oh the evils of "socialized medicine", the drug company and health provider company execs are laughing at you fools all the way to the bank and I'm in line with them. I got big bag of cash in MREITS because housing is slowly recovering and the interest rate spread is doing its part in making me rich. Finally I'm long SLW and RGLD because you fear addled precious metal bugs are making me a third fortune. Keep the big mo going, YES WE CAN! Life is good.

    • Allow me one follow-up suggestion. The speeches at the DNC will be FANTASTIC for silver and gold prices. Unleashed Democratic spending plans will be golden.....for gold and silver! Especially if the market believes the Democrats will get a second term. Do not sell your your SLW shares!

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