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  • cmegladon cmegladon Sep 12, 2012 10:18 AM Flag

    We are absolutely playing this war game WRONG

    We are called the big bad zionist protector. They also accuse us of doing it for power, for money.
    I say, carpet bomb any fuggers who mess with our people. Then, become their partner on their oil.
    They don't like it? Take it all.There's plenty of desert for them to go live.
    If someone here wants to nation build, let the Peace Corp go and try.
    Our soldiers should be there for one reason. Wipe out the enemy and leave.
    Drones can take care of the hooligans who hide behind women and children.

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    • Soldiers are for mop up, just like the end of WWII. Been calling for turning that part of the world into glass for decades. Fire for effect, wait for the radiation to abate, clean up, start over with survivors, build some memorials we can all weep and moan over in our largesse over innocent lives lost. It's the American way we've done it before and it works.

      We get to 50 MPG cars and watch the fur fly but I'd prefer not to wait.

      Like Indiana said, "want to go see God? Let's go see him together."

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