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  • xraythrives xraythrives Sep 16, 2012 4:33 PM Flag

    Out of bullets theory clearly blown out of water.

    You see, you can always further decrease the value of any currency. Even if it is worth 99.99% of it's previous value.

    This really puts me in a painful situation as far as allocation goes. I don't like more than 15 or 20% in any sector. Now I am forced to be 40% in Precious metals and I worry if even that is enough.

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    • I think you meant you can decrease the value of any currency "Even if it has lost 99.99% of its previous value."

      Provided of course, nothing real in the world has an effect on the price of anything you buy. Or If you take food clothing and shelter out of the annual CPI/PPI figures.

      Nothing in the value of currency matters if everything is 10X, but so's your salary.

      The only thing that changes is when you go to a fixed income. Then the evaporation of buying power has the most effect, when you're old, weakest and at the end of a rope sliding by 50% every 12 years.

      But if your $18,500 Corolla and your $400,000 house and your $100,000 salary becomes in 12 years an $180,000 Corolla, and a $4,000,000 house with a $1,000,000 salary chasing it, it doesn't matter at all. But you need those "cost of living raises" because if you stop, your $100,000 salary will buy 10% of what your salary would have looked like twelve years hence.

      So plan on working till your dead.

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