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  • videoctr videoctr Sep 16, 2012 6:54 PM Flag

    OT: Today at the gas pump

    I pulled into a gas station and noticed the pump was showing the total price from a previous customer,
    almost 3 gallons worth. (Today's gas price $4.09.) Food and fuel will be a real challenge from this point forward. I am wondering if people will be buying a gallon at a time because that is all they can afford?

    This will not end well, not even in an election year.
    Are the house of cards ready to topple?
    Will martial law precede the elections?
    I hope I am wrong.

    "I wish a buck was still silver, back when the country was strong." (First line in a Merle Haggard song.") Look it up on Youtube.

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    • Maybe 3 gallons was all the person could afford, and I agree it will probably not end well.

      On the other hand, maybe you just pulled in behind me. I never buy more than 4 gallons because the largest gas tank I own is 5 gallons. I'm always riding my motorcycles.

      Better gas mileage than a Prius, better acceleration than a Porsche. Having fun in the land of $4 gasoline.

    • "back before Nixon lied to us all on TV
      and a "joint" was a bad place to be.."
      he IS the nations poet by me...

      usd climbed to 79.236, in uptrend since MAY....oil/gas to crash worry not-ALL imports to get cheaper as world wide depression hits....30 years of continuous wars have costs, WORLD now in DEPRESSION, and they run TO the 'safety" of u$d..dumping their own currencies..

    • Hooray for the buyer of 3 gallons. Everyone should buy as little as convenient. Instead of filling up and STORING GAS,buy as little as possible and the supplies will build up,and we will get lower prices sooner. I have been doing this for years.
      gas stations sign up for certain gallonage per month.If fbusiness was slow there may not be enough room in the storage tanks for the whole delivery.THEY PAY a PENALTY FOR THIS. iF TANKS ARE PRETTY FULL AS DELIVERY DAY comes near ,they drop the price to make room in the tanks.

    • No it will not end. Until after the election. If America wakes up and votes for a change of leadership.
      Just the thought of getting Obozo out will have an immediate psychological benefit for all things business and economic. Especially energy. Precious metals may stall a little bit. JMO of course

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      • Romney = Obama. And we know that Dick Cheney has said that Obama = Bush. They are all functionally interchangeable having all been vetted by the gangbanksters. So where is this vaunted change in leadership coming from? It won't happen in the polling places unless there's a sea change in America and the people either write in Ron Paul, or, better yet, vote for Gary Johnson as his chances are somewhat better because he's on the ballot already in 48 states.

        I like Johnson save his position on the FairTax (sic), but he's still a statist at heart.

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