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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Oct 5, 2012 12:29 AM Flag

    What a change in administration means for Precious Metals

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    • Part II

      The thing I learned from this, and this was very much out in the open for everyone to see, is that the leadership of both parties is totally indifferent to the rank and file of their own party members. We particularly saw this at the Republican convention where they had certain programs where they wanted to liberalize rules for future conventions so that it would be more difficult for minority candidates to even be nominated. They already had rules that made it more difficult but they were afraid that Ron Paul was going to meet those requirements so now they want to change the rules to make it even more difficult for anyone to do that. And it was clear that the rank and file members of the convention did not want that but you could tell by the way the voting was run they didn't care what the vote was. They called for a voice vote, yay or nay, and it sounded even. You saw it on television. A huge block shouted yea, a huge block shouted nay yet the chairman said, 'That's it,' deems that the yeas have it and they went on to the next issue.

    • Part 1

      For your interest, the following is what Yahoo considers a “Delete” category:

      Topic: What about Ron Paul?

      In an interview G. Edward Griffin had this to say:

      G. Edward Griffin: Well, what were we taught? I think on the positive side we learned from the Ron Paul campaign that the spirit of liberty is not dead; in fact, it's alive and well. We saw a continuation of his growth of real commitment to the principles of liberty in the form of this growing movement behind Ron Paul in the face of strong opposition from the media, academia and the political parties themselves. It told me that the potential is there so I am greatly encouraged by that.

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