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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Oct 11, 2012 5:20 AM Flag

    10-14 October Economic Calendar

    The big one is continuing claims, and that trend should be down if the numbers are to look consistent. They are of course measuring different weeks, and next week will be better due to Monday past day off. That was Columbus Day where we celebrate the wrong guy for having discovered America first.

    That way the wrong numbers they fabricate next week will contain congruent fictions and match the intelligence of the American public.

    See how that works? We might not, if idiot Fed Chairpersons get to blather, and IMF complains more about why the US, at 20% their pot, isn't doing "more"?

    Would you like to buy some securitized no doc loans, LaGarde? Don't worry, if foreclosed, the underlying holdings will be flipped for more money, because real estate always goes up, it's an asset!!!

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    • We got the right unemployment claims number, but just past noon, an appellate court told AAPL to pound sand on its injunction against SAMSUNG, which quite frankly did not rise to the lofty heights that's required for injunction in their mumbling opinion. APPL is showing brown spots that used to be green, and the markets have backed off their recovery for --a drum roll please, functional reasons that actually have something to do with real bellweathers and real business.

      Sometimes when the smoke is blown away, all that is left are broken mirrors, however real.
      All indices are holding their gains somewhat, but well off the highs of the day, including hi ho silver, oy vey.

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