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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Oct 11, 2012 7:12 PM Flag

    10-14 October Economic Calendar

    Initial claims, it was reported late in the day, may have dropped in appearance because a major state, suspect Cally-phor-nya, didn't get the THEIR count into the final tally!!!!!!!!. That made page one of the "you got to be kidding" PRESS, and no, I don't think it is a conspiracy to make the numbers look good. I never explain stupidity with the "c" word. Conspiracies involve an objective, intelligence, planning and follow through. To quote George Carlin, these people are just phuckin STOOPID.

    Add AAPL losing an appellate appeal by SAMSUNG to overturn the injunction for patent infringement, and we're lucky to see any plusses in the market at all atoll--APPL qualifies now as having taken a 10% "correction". I love it when they use "correction". It's like, he took a bullet to the brain, to correct his headache.

    That AAPL hit was a FUNCTIONAL gut blow to the lock the lower court gave to AAPL over SAMSUNG that has lasted five critical months, but isn't going to survive the XMAS buying season, so AAPL has got some leveling off to do, probably another ten percent down the road. Talk about a major owee.

    Banks report end of week and they should be spectacular. With all that TARP stimulatum excretatum, YA THINK? With all the refi's flying off the shelves, YA THINK? With PPI manipulated to take food clothing and shelter out of the equation (sarcasm) I don't think the price of Crazy Glue or gum wrappers has inflated much, so those core items should lend the mythological boost no PPI pop should to low irates until 2018.

    Will the stock market advance on the news? It's up AH a smidge, whether that holds through end of week as we sputter forward, BTSOOM.

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