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  • cookswithpanache cookswithpanache Oct 9, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    Did Obama take the high ground at the debates, or did he just let Romney blather?

    methinks you missed his point, which was that Obama left untouched several wide-open opportunities to attack - did he do that intentionally, keeping dry powder, or was he just asleep?

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    • Thanks for your understanding.

    • Neither. I didn't miss the point and The Prez wasn't keeping dry powder or asleep.He was himself, without a teleprompter. He is NOT nearly as sharp as folks think.
      And if you thought he was sharp against McCain, think about that. I like the Senator but debating him is akin to debating a stone.
      The President is treading on thin ice.
      The economy sucks.
      His view on geo politics has left 4 dead at our embassy in Libya.
      And 4 more years will leave our Naval forces using wooden ships.
      He doesn't have much of a leg to stand on and if he goes on the attack, he'll look angry.
      That's how he comes off,and his handlers and he know it. They were praying for the Mitt Romney who made a couple of guffaws the press uses for first page fodder. Except, the Romney who is a old time "Investment Banker", schooled in making presentations showed up.
      It's Obambam who is out of his league here.
      When they gather at Hofstra, Bambam will have a friendly crowd and when Latisha from Elmhurst asks how each guy will give me hope for the future, he'll do just fine again.
      But at the moment, Michelle is asking whether they need to start packing up the dishes........

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