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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Oct 29, 2012 8:25 AM Flag


    crash crash, crashity crash......Sing to a 1 4 5 progression over and over and over--guess who let the HFT lights on when the human beinks have left the buildings?

    As those triggers are pulled throughout the next two to three days, with nary a human in sight, I wonder what is going to happen. Do you think the Londoneers are going to take over for the NY'ers seemlessly? Hey! They can't even find a dentist!

    Think letting go of the steering wheel at 90 MPH. For a while you go down the road with nary a slip, then wider and wider angles, till finally......Crash crash, crashity crash WHOA crash, crash crash, crashity crash--WHOA CRASH crash crash, crashity crash------

    The hurricane will leave devastation of one kind in its wake. Like it or not, the rest of the world depends on US lead, however undeserved.

    And say I am wrong and the market carries on in orderly fashion without all those New Yawkas at the helm? All those salaries and bone#$%$?

    Can you say unnecessary redundancy boys and goys?

    I shall be looking to crapitalize on any market distortions arising from Sandy. The ones in the market, and the ones concerning the marketeers.

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