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  • gormdd540 gormdd540 Nov 1, 2012 12:39 AM Flag

    Let's talk exit strategy

    You don't have to sell it ALL. Take a bit off the table.Dangerous to be all-in on any stock.

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    • SLW is not my single holding, but it is the largest position and that's in many respects because of the price appreciation we've enjoyed. I began to build a position around $6 per share.

      I've just turned 60, have very little debt and my health is reasonably good. I'd like to think I could successfully retire in the next 3 or 4 years unless we face catastrophic upheaval (and it may be in the cards) in the very near future, which would bring with it a severe winnowing process not unlike some aspects of Mad Max.

      We live in a quasi-rural area, although our county is considered "metropolitan", some 60 miles away from a metropolitan area.

      That said, would it be more prudent to decrease the SLW position and move into physical assets. After all, if the butt falls out of the world (or just America) will anyone give a shift about a security holding that you may have had the day before the collapse?

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      • Looking back at '08 I think collapse won't take place any time soon as things are. CBs will continue propping up governments through either direct purchasing of govnt debt or through purchasing bank's MBS who in turn buy treasuries propping up government debt and the money created slowly flows into the system through govnt expenditures or Feds credit goes into the capital markets where banks feel it's safer than lending to the public.

        If you feel like you want to take some cash off the top, you can have core holdings and trade small quantity when you feel there's going to be a correction or buy puts to protect your assets.

        There is no guarantees in anything especially stock market where computers run the show and don't care about valuations of a company when there is a run for the doors like we've seen in '08.

        If economy is slowing, industrial metals should also turn lower which should put pressure not only on silver but also on the output of industrial miners which would impact slw which doesn't have its own mines but buys silver which is bi-product of ... So if zinc demand drops, and zinc output drops, its logical to conclude the silver output of said mine would also drop and slw won't get the silver as they agreed upon. How long will this lag last?

        Mind you, a lot of slw silver comes from GG which are mostly gold miners and shouldn't be too badly affected by slower demand for industrial metals.

        There is no guarantees, and time objectives may vary for you as short term corrections may not reflect long term possibilities for this stock which also applies to economy which depends are we talking about a year, five or 10 years down the road. This financial mess can continue on for quite some time but who will get slaughtered first? Will USD, Yen or Euro get thrown under the bus first and who will benefit and with what ramifications and periods are all up in the air.

        A lot of unknowns which always bring stress when it comes to equities, physical gold never gave me anxiety like stocks - but that's me and I trade stocks quite often.

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