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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Nov 8, 2012 10:21 AM Flag

    Are they obtuse, or just play acting?

    Those of us in the Revolution told the GOP in no uncertain terms that they could not win without us. Although they may well be slow on the uptake as no talking heads have yet introduced that reality through their small inter-cranial funnel that they use for the masses, we are working now to begin to insinuate that reality through our own means.

    Although there was a great deal of hoopla and money spent, even had Romney been the winner there would have been no real change in domestic of foreign policy. That the Gangbanksters are very happy with the status quo is not a mystery.

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    • moses, no one will answer me, I think the fiscal cliff makes for a weak dollar, dont you?? the metals SHOULD be the safe could the dollar be strong in the event??

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      • Look at similar instances when other countries were at the wall with their own deficit financing. What happened to their currencies vis-a-vis others? The dollar is the best looking turd in the bowl and because it is in there with those created by other CBs, those not wanting the reality of them all being equal to nothing intrinsically, who can tell what will occur.

        But, outside of food and water plus the wherewithal to keep it, the metals seem to be the sane place to be. They've served as such for how long now?

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      • I hear talk of China and India and possibly others issuing new money backed by gold.. If this true by by US dollar fiat #$%$.

      • I think the stock market was "propped up" and gold and silver prices held at bay leading into the election. Now that we have a definitive POTUS, the PPT can let market forces reassert themselves. Hence the fall of stocks and the rise of precious metals this week.
        To speak to your question, I believe a stronger dollar is needed leading up to the debate over the fiscal cliff. Without a rally in the dollar there will be no way to contain precious metal prices. They even rose along WITH the dollar this week. What does that tell you? Safe haven plays gonna shine into year end. IMO

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    • PMs are the best store of weath.
      but, if you have no food and water they are useless.
      rule of law is a underlying concept for a stable international community
      everything else is a political sideshow.

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      • The thing about portraying SOME as part of the “evil rich” has a grain of truth to it. But Obama is one of those who know the value of demagoguery.

        Unfortunately in today’s world the modern press does not address the big issues. They are too busy concentrating on things like what a General has done in his private life. Some seem to think this is a big deal, but only because it brings them (they think) listeners for their point of view. We can go back to WWII and note that the same issues were present with Dwight D. Eisenhower while commanding the armed forces with an affair he was involved in.

        Wikipedia org wiki Kay_Summersby (You will have to fill in the correct characters to access. Otherwise Yahoo, in their infinite wisdom, will delete this message.)

        And why didn’t that have the same sort of result? It would seem that these “wars” we are involved in as a country do not have nearly the gravity. Really? The country is at risk of going under financially from conflicts that are now over a decade old, while that of WWII spanned about 5 years. The solution? Punitive taxes. Add to that the criminal element in the financial markets, which is a much greater risk than anything else, as far as the country’s security is concerned. It receives barely a footnote from a financial perspective from mass media outlets.

        Please do your own due diligence on the Spire Law Group’s lawsuit of major banks and government officials who, if this was a WWII scenario, would receive a speedy trial and face a firing squad as gross violators of the “Patriot Act”, among other lawbreaking issues. Their lawsuit seeks a return to the US Treasury of $43 Trillion dollars for defrauding taxpayers and homeowners. The lawsuit is available on the Internet. Play close attention to the list of names that would fill a small booklet, who are party to the lawsuit. This is receiving virtually NO coverage by the mass media, even though, if successful, would erase the deficit a number of times over. So much for the so called “fiscal cliff”.

        Further, the news outlet’s executive who authorized airing the Spire Law Group’s lawsuit, had two of his children murdered, ostensibly by a “nanny”, under peculiar circumstances. This also receives rare attention from mass media sources.

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