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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Nov 9, 2012 9:16 PM Flag

    Are they obtuse, or just play acting?


    'Obama did say one thing that had the ring of truth in his last debate with Romney (paraphrasing). He felt that those in the 1% crowd were "not playing by the rules".'

    I know you aren't an Obama supporter but think of what a strange thing that was to say. With himself in office people allegedly aren't playing by the rules? Is he not enforcing the rules? He actually just said that to identify Romney with the "evil rich".

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    • “…Is he not enforcing the rules? He actually just said that to identify Romney with the "evil rich". …”

      You took that a little out of context. It was also pointed out that President Obama (some say we should respect the office by providing the title) is a Communist (his real father is Frank Marshall Davis). It was reported today that Obama was teary eyed and spoke of his objectives ever since his youth to be able to bring about today what his vision was for the country (those objectives were instilled by Davis, who was an avowed Communist). Unfortunately we have a population that no longer understands what the danger is of a country under the jack boots of Communists. Ask those alive today who lived under Stalin. That is where Obama wishes to lead us, apparently, as that is exactly what takes place when government takes over the lives of people, as is happening in this country. Government leaders gain so much power that they will begin to engage in actions unthinkable to most people currently, because they think they know best, and will throw aside all lawful rule as a consequence.

      Later on in this thread a report was disclosed that a CNBC exec’s children were murdered after he authorized the disclosure of a $43 trillion dollar lawsuit by the Spire Law firm against Obama Administration officials and a number of the mega-banks who were the recipients of TARP money, as well as many homeowners who were otherwise good risks that had their homes foreclosed on. The Fed refused to disclose how the TARP money was distributed, which is part of the lawsuit, as well as an audit of the Fed.

      If you are going to make comments, at least be more informed before you do so, as it is unclear where you are headed with your comment. We are playing for-keeps, as the country as it was founded is clearly at risk. It is also a bit disappointing that no one acknowledged that report, as if out of fear if they did so. For all who read it, and did not respond, just remember that many risked life and limb and did not survive in the effort to preserve our way of life, whether or not they understood the forces that placed them in harms way.

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