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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Nov 20, 2012 1:29 AM Flag

    19-23 Nov Eco Calendar: SANDY Aftershocks, Black Friday, OPEX, Thxgiving

    Both housing numbers were way up over prognosticators assessments yesterday, and no news on the fiscal cliff, the Congress' poison pill, self created and self administered, led everyone to believe, however inexplicably, that solution was just around the corner. Tensions mount needlessly, since the "crisis", $600,000,000,000 deep, the current price of a footlong at Subway based on dollar values, trickles in one day at a time starting Jan 1st when the Bush tax cuts, which don't matter much to corporations which don't pay anything anyway, are supposed to kick in. Everyone's forgotten that when the Congress puts structure together like the Fed to do its responsibility of valuing money, or never declaring war, just funding it, it surely wouldn't quibble over something as insignificant as expost facto lawmaking, namely, waiting till December 31 2013 to write tax law affecting the PREVIOUS year.

    This morning we follow up on the housing debacle that expects new homes to be started with gusto. What homebuilder thinks he can start new homes with the overhang of foreclosed properties beats the crap out of me, but homebuilders are soaring, so #$%$. The futures have backed off a little market wide, but the POS is up a hair at the wee hours of Tuesday the 20th of November.


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    • Closed yesterday on my home near Minneapolis and hear that there is actually a listing shortage in the area there. See the usual foreclosed homes listings with few houses compared to the recent past. Back to SLW Seems to me if anyone knows the ins ad outs of silver and future pricing of same it would be the guys at SLW. I have confidense in what they are doing in regards to holding their silver vrs. selling it. Id be confident if they sold enough for expenses and held the rest. Guess thats why I hold silver coins rather than cash in fiat money.

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