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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Dec 11, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

    Continued QE Bond Buying Adds a Pro PM Wrinkle

    Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to acquaint you with a blast from the past...that is the true system of federalism was never meant to work smoothly; no system of checks and balances can. The system was purposefully designed to be at loggerheads or in gridlock because the founders knew streamlined government also meant streamlined progress toward tyranny. It was there idea that only sound measures, those well-endorsed by the populace, would make it over all the hurdles

    This aspect may be the sole remaining feature of the government envisioned back in 1787 and as such may be the last vestige of that which we are supposed to have.

    • No, no. The system may have been designed to encourage debate, but not be at "loggerheads" or gridlock. Gridlock was a goalpost never intended, resolution of debate was assumed. The outcome of that, a little bit for one, and a little bit for another, was the spirit of compromise. That is the difference between us and Italy or Greece. That stability to forge forward with a solution, however imperfect to some, gave a little bit to all, and moved the system forward. The implication it is ok to stall do nothing, and sit with your fingerupyourass whining you didn't get your way, is not the vision of our Founding Fathers, it is the vision of our Flounderingmotherphukkers in Congress. See how that doesn't work?

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