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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 19, 2012 11:21 PM Flag

    17-21 Dec Eco Calendar: Twas Cliff Before XMAS and NY, too.

    Claims this morning is supposed to take the spotlight, but all that drivel about fiscal cliffs overshadows real news. Fact is, Plan B from the Republicans shows one thing clearly--that the Congress is not so broke that the mechanism of voting for something hasn't gone away. There are those that think that the procedures were thrown out with the rest of fiscal, money valuation and war declaration-the opinion of Congress is that low---a bill passed whatever it is, for hunting licenses for fish and wildlife, at least shows that the mechanism, if not our flag "was still there". O say does that vote making capability yet wave, over the land of the disintegrating dollar, and the home of Letterman Dave.

    Like two fleas arguing over who owns the dog, nothing would be resolved even if a deal were reached, other than mitigate the uncertainty of no deal.

    In a country where making your country's currency worthless passes for competition in the real world, nothing will resolve itself in the United States

    a. until it stops being the world's policeman WW II style, and the world has to write a check to defend itself

    b. until it stops creating and spending borrowed printing press dollars to finance wars against bedouins who had the temerity to be born over pits of oil,

    c. until it stops being lazy and develops alternate oil energy strategies cars and home heating capabilities, It's only been 40 years since the oil crisis of the 1970's.

    d. gets its money firmly backed by some basket of commodities, starting with gold and silver

    e. stops creating entitlements that are built on printing press dollars, to bribe the US citizenry into thinking that a government is more than the sum of its tax revenues.

    f. learns, like Germany has learned, that if you want social entitlements like pensions and healthcare, your ought to pay for them out of tax revenue, not printing press currency designed to disintegrate by half its buying power every 12 years, so you stay enslaved to the workplace for the rest of your life.

    See how that should work?

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