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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 23, 2012 9:27 AM Flag

    24-28 Economic Calendar: Homes, Gnomes, Claims, Cliffs, Merry #$%$

    For those who read my pathetic posts the following will be familiar, if yahoo will allow a little cutting and pasting.

    We need to stop interfering with 3rd world nations. We need to avoid making war on 3rd world nations. If we stop, maybe we won't experience blowback the CIA term for retaliation for meddling, a good reason for 9/11 per the CIAS. That's the CIA not me.

    Achieve independence from foreign oil. Start with 45-60 MPG cars. We're one Arab embargo circa 1973 too late.

    Walk away from the Muddle East. Israel's got nukes.

    Revisit military pay and entitlements. They've tripled since 1971 in real money terms. Military service is a privilege, civilian Federal or state service for all citizens a great opportunity to participate in the government we so despise. As it was 1776-1971. Note: we won every war except Vietnam, how much you pay soldiers and sailors is immaterial. Never saw anyone in a foxhole under fire ask for a union vote. Note 2: Conventional war is obsolete. We have nukes for a reason.

    Get other countries to defend themselves. Reduce US Navy and other military presence worldwide. Hint: WW II is done. Example: Why not leave Korea, it's been 65 years. When is enough, enough?

    Make insurance to pay for health care opportunities OUTSIDE the United States. State of the art routine operations outside the United States costs are ONE THIRD that in the US. COMPETITION works.

    Quit caring how other countries set their economic tables. 80% have free markets anyway. If they don't want to take off their burkas, become neurosurgeons, and watch Desperate Housewives reruns, our involvement shouldn't pass the so what test. Use diplomacy. Bullshitisfree.

    The US dollar should be backed with a basket of commodites, gold silver, platinum, palladium, corn soybeans, pork bellies, etc. Note: Everything that cost a dime in 1971 is a dollar today because the dollar is government, not free market controlled. That 90% degradation, the planned disintegration of the dollar is created by printing presses paying for deficit spending made popular by those who think borrow and spend is better than pay for and spend.

    When the dollar stabilizes, people can save. They may be able to retire without watching their savings disappear at the rate of 6% a year.

    See how that might work?

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    • I was with you until the dollar backing with a basket of commodities. It wouldn't be much different from that which we have now; there would be no convertibility or redemption possible under those circumstances and the ability for the manipulators would be expanded ten-fold.

      Money must be something unmanipulable. Gold and silver, platinum, too, offer that feature. That's one of the clear aspects found in the Coinage Act of 1792, which I recommend that each of you read. And if I cannot redeem what is in essence a paper warehouse receipt for the "real stuff" behind the money, it really has no value just like the fiat today. Commerce must return to a value for value, a substance for substance basis. Such a system removes most of the cause behind monetary fraud and better yet helps to restore the spirit of rugged individualism once an American trait now long absent.

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      • I wouldn't mind exchanging for a basket of commodities that included gold, silver, pork bellies and wheat.

        Let's see what I'd get for a twenty. Gold silver, pork bellies, wheat. Ready?

        One half of one piece of eight (gold), two silver quarters (pre 1964), and a large ham on rye.

        That means every deli could also be a financial exchange.

        Gives new meaning to eat and run, no?

        (If you add spices to the mix, I could get mustard on that sandwich, and if you add lumber, I might even get a bag to toss it in.)

        See how that works?

    • Another option is to make the dollar inherently valuable via nanoparticles of silver embedded in it, to the level that its worth approaches believable value. Given silver's future, this would mean hoarding of dollars,or savings, would reappear.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • the US won Korea... thanks for the history lesson my friend. Happy holidays.

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      • If we won on the ground in Korea, then why are we still there? Is it because we didn't do the rest of the job? We didn't learn any lessons from Gulf War I either, and we got Gulf War II because we didn't follow up and take out SADDAM. Any more winning like that and we will be bankrupt. Oh. We are bankrupt. That's why we keep printing money to pay for these idiotic half baked measures. That's why we are in silver and gold, because paper money we print to pay for these "winners" makes our money worthless.

        I remember now. Thanks.

    • So, this bedraggled old coot is STILL littering the boards with his mental dung! For an 8th Grade dropout, he has the unseemly need to be noticed. What a narcissistic carcass.

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