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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 27, 2012 4:27 PM Flag

    31 Dec-4 Jan '13 Economic Conundrum: Practicing Safe Fiscal Policy: Wear Conundrums!

    Awright my timing was bad on next week's market, I said unless the two parties made nice on Saturday morning during the shout out from DC from both sides the aisle, we didn't have a prayer next week.

    Ok, they announced the make nice shout out Thursday afternoon the 27th as follows: a hail Mary pass would be set to be thrown as the Congress would be meeting on fiscal cliff matters on Sunday 30 DEC. Forget that this is just a meeting of the House. That halted the sell off to end all sell offs, as we were already more than 1.25% off for the day by just after lunch. I guess that scared the goyim into thinking, hmmm, aren't there all kinds of algorithms set to explode after we reach critical mass and the funds and ETF guys have to sell sell sell, Mortimer? We almost got back to parity by end of day.

    Will that last into tomorrow? And what is going to happen Sunday when they meet? There's nothing new to vote on. They'l barely get a litmus test of who is in the recalcitrant camp and who isn't. Then they'll decide not to decide on the fiscal cliff. Then somebody will bring up the fact that we are already on the wrong side of the debt ceiling. Then they'll have to decide if they'll separate that from the other fiscal cliff matters.

    And that is all going to happen after lunch on Sunday in about four hours. After working all day today and all day Friday and all day Saturday,

    OK--do you get it now? Anything to stop the mother of all sell offs this week, to avoid the taxation on the books next week.

    And the market? The recovery Thursday afternoon? They have to fool the fund managers for the next 1.5 market sessions and over the weekend, and make the announcement Sunday night that our tax rates are still there? Or don't worry be happy?

    They pull this off, David Copperfield, retire!

    They write a book about it, they'll call it "Gullible's Travels"

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