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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jan 2, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    31 Dec-4 Jan '13 Economic Conundrum: Practicing Safe Fiscal Policy: Wear Conundrums!

    “…Unless there is another joint don't worry be happy conference with both sides of our useless moronic government making nice, …”

    Yeah. Don’t worry. Apparently there are a lot of “joints” being passed around and through their drug induced haze even these #$%$ should be able to see that the real problem is the central bank. It seems apparent that 99% of these jerks never read the US Constitution that they are sworn to uphold. (See Article I, Sections 8 & 9).

    Those not in the #$%$ category are more probably kindred spirits of Hugo Chavez, with dreams of absolute control of the people they are supposed to represent, obviously not the electorate, and just as obviously representing the elite that lined their pockets and put them in office.

    Not only is the rule of law dead, these maggots have cleaned it down to the bone.

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    • Interesting. It is apparently not OK to call #$%$, #$%$, but they can be referred to as moronic. Might that also be the moronic censorship we must navigate around. Ineptocracy rules which embraces far too many of the electorate, brainwashed by many years in the public school system.

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