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  • lemmeknow23 lemmeknow23 Jan 7, 2013 11:36 AM Flag

    erasing Pascua PONZI facts will cash deplete innocent SLW shareholders

    If we were dealing with another company other than ABX I may feel comfortable about the premise of honoring their obligation however ABX has over 19 Billion in debt on its books...The stock may come under serious pressure and ABX may not even have the liquidity to satisfy all their commitments....Peter Monk is the biggest shyster in tow..........

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    • I looked at ABX here on Yahoo. Their debt is a bit less than $14Billion, quite less than your estimate. The market mavens do not seemingly share your appraisal of ABX either. They also seem to have adequate financial strength to weather this storm and fulfill the contractual obligations to SLW.

      This PF person is literally bashing everyone connected to the matter in what I'm guessing is an effort to cash in.

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      • Abx's debt to equity is at 50...That is off the charts!!! That is not a healthy company...If and I definitely say "IF" Pascua project is pulled the stock will get smoked probably below 25 possibly lower.Then their underlying commodity which is predominately gold is stagnating or possibly sinking you have a potential for ABX to simply declare BK!!! I know that sounds silly right now but then again they simply dont have title to that mine or they would have produced to paperwork and been done with it.The company will not be able to service their debt if the price of gold drops to 1500 or lower!!! Either way IF Pascua is pulled SLW drops below 25 over night..............................

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