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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Jan 11, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

    Executive Order 6102

    Be more concerned about 11490.

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    • Agree!

      Within the Order you cite, “refined” from EO 6102, is the following (this should be “white listed”, but we’ll see):

      Executive Order 13603 is ultimately a consolidation from EO 11490, and follows a number of related EOs.

      And within that, reference is made to the following (do your own DD, if you’re not too lazy and historically myopic):

      section 303(g) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2093(g)

      What this means to those of you, who are investors in bullion; they will be coming after you because you have what the Obama Administration considers “strategic materials”. There are numerous other references to the same within this Act. They’ll be breaking into your accounts to seize said “materials”, no matter where they are located.

      What is most troubling is the persistent drive, over time, of a less free nation. And this applies to both Republican and Democrat Administrations and majorities. All one needs to do is follow the progression within each succeeding EO. While FDR did not have the tools to implement his seizures, the capability currently is much greater. But what is most comforting, at least within this message board and related ones, is the tendency to drive those off this and other message boards that support such measures. We won’t really know how this is opposed until TSHTF. At such a point in time the constitutionality of ALL EOs needs to be questioned because it attacks the concept of having the 3 branches of the government involved. That is the prescription for establishing a US Monarchy.

      See: “OBAMA'S LATEST EXECUTIVE ORDER: PEACETIME MARTIAL LAW!” (Sorry. this is not “white listed”-thanks Yahoo, your objectives are obvious)

    • Concentration Camp Plans Against US Citizens With Executive Order 11490
      After they get all our guns it'll be much easier to accomplish. Of course limiting how much American's can purchase of Ammo can also.

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