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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jan 17, 2013 10:54 PM Flag

    Boeings new bunker buster

    Count this as an additional “thumbs up” for your post. All the “downers” probably haven’t gotten the antidote to their public school brainwashing that impressed upon them that Big Brother knows best.

    Normally, when you’re talking about things like statistical analysis for epidemiology purposes a sample of a population areas is taken. Then an assessment is made as to whether a significant epidemic is at the doorstep. When it comes to politics, the same sort of statistical analysis could be used.

    We now have a situation where crazed gunmen are out killing people in minute numbers compared to the traffic deaths on a holiday, such as the one in Colorado. This used to be called “yellow journalism”, but that appears to be ALL the current mass media engages in. It’s all tailored to eventually remove ALL weapons from the citizenry.

    This is the exact strategy of the jihadist group in Iraq that cut off the head of Nick Berg with a live video that made its way around the planet. He was but one person, but the strategy was to put such fear in people that they would give up any thought of defending themselves from these types of people and adopt Jihadist belief s to save themselves.

    Governments, once they prevail, will NOT be held back to the numbers represented by these incidents of lone gunmen and kill a couple dozen. They will be out there killing the millions that demand constitutional liberty, but then it will be too late. The rule of law will have been terminated. The leaders in power will feel unrestrained to use any #$%$-a-mammie excuse they wish, because there will be no one to stop them. Perhaps it will be called “culling the herd” to save us (?) from global warming. And their media puppets will spout whatever the current dictator tells them to in order to make the growing percentage of idiots in the population consider it believable.

    Perhaps there will be a department called the Culling The Herd Department (CTHD). They’ll develop a list of those to be eliminated. Then some miniaturized (for cost considerations) but very deadly “drones” will be preprogrammed to take off and atomize those among the citizenry who have become politically troublesome because they believe in the rights of all people as defined in the US Constitution.

    • I think you have this situation analyzed spot on. For embellishment of your post, see Karl Denninger post on the subject in his Market Ticker a few days ago. It is brilliant with the historical examples to back up his writing.

    • What was really cool is the footage they were showing of this bomb on the military channel were from 10 miles away. Blast zone is 150 yards diameter which is a circle 300 yards across, and shock-wave is fatal twice that distance, and will disable anyone three times that distance out. Now that is what I call shock and awe.

    • Fortunately, the Kool-Aid recovery program is in full swing with the "Sonnet of the Gun Grabbers" becoming a gold record in such a short time. But there is a ridiculously large number of Americans still blissfully unaware living on the FOX and CNN nurtured plantation.

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