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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Feb 1, 2013 8:15 AM Flag

    28 Jan '13 Eco Calendar: Homes/Claims/FOMC/Cars Construction

    The cringe before the binge? Silver off a hair when all other PM are rocking and rolling positive. Waiting for the employment stats as the elephant in the room, the market is making big bets this is going positive. Already the 5+% this January is pointing to, according to voodoo pundits who ignore the degradation of the dollar pending the buying of bonds with printed money.

    0830 everyone holds their breath for numbers which have no meaning except to those who play the market like the big casino.

    I'll have another stack of silver chips please.

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    • Silver chips, hmmm? Are they edible?
      Speaking of edible, Since my wife almost singlehandedly led us out of the great recession, I am starting what the repukes want to do. We're starting our own austerity program at our Super Bowl party.
      I'm pouring Absolut Vodka into the empty Grey Goose bottles and into the freezer they go.
      Walmart brand cranberry juice into the Ocean Spray bottles I saved for this occasion
      This year the pigs in blankets will actually be made of pig as the Cohen's Brand is double the price..
      I bring stuff to a local meal on wheels place, The local bakery is donating all leftover bread, cake and rolls to the local charity.The delivery will be a little light this time.
      No rib eyes or steak burgers this year. We'll grill spam.
      And if anyone has a headache, I bought 2 for one bottles of Aspirin that have expiration dates of 11 --2012 I think they'll still work.
      Just doin my part.

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