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  • texasdang Jan 30, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    Such Underperformance is unbelievable.......

    I only post after the market's close. I am not selling. Trader's are.... I admit that i am a democrat. Most on this board are tea party republican's. My so called social security that i will receive, i know will be dilluted. But i cannot stand Herbert Hoover, that i equate with the tea party rich republican 's.

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    • texasdang:

      Some of your comments cannot be replied to directly because Yahoo doesn’t display a “Reply” button.

      What you need to admit is that you are so hidebound (set in your ways) that you’ll never be able to see that there are other ways to look at things. That goes for your idol, Obama.

      As far as being a Confederate, at least some of us from the North have found out that Lincoln supported the Fugitive Slave Act in 1855. This was always carefully hidden when we were growing up here in the North, and even now never spoken of publicly. That would have eventually made slavery a moot point as former slaves made their way via the “Underground Railroad” to the North. Eventually the South would have had to capitulate and find better ways to retain needed labor through FREE market forces, which necessarily would have included mechanization on their farms. The bloodshed in that conflict was incredible, and in the opinion from here, quite unnecessary.

      But currently that is not even the issue, since slavery of a different sort is being pressed upon all of us, not only in this country, but throughout our planet by way of central banks. You are going to be one lonely dude if you continue to keep fighting a conflict that is 150 years old when we have bigger fish to fry, meaning the banksters.

      Have you ever looked at a cereal box turned stale in you pantry, whilst you just bought a new box at the grocery store to replace it and found to your amazement that, even though both were exactly the same size, except perhaps a marketing line on the new box that says, “Newer and Better”, that the new one has 2 less ounces inside out of a 10 oz box. That’s what the banksters call “inflation”. It’s what the cereal corporations call, screwing the customer. But both are really of the same mindset. So here you sit stuck in the mud fighting a war that is long over. Kind of silly isn’t it? You’d best identify who the REAL enemy is, for ALL of us. If you’re looking for someone to look up to, why not someone from the past, like Henry David Thoreau on the subject of slavery.

      As far as your “God bless Bernanke” line it seems most from your state would rather it seceded than grant him such a vaunted status. For sure Christ, who overturned the tables of the money changers, would consider Bernanke to be of the same stripe (as the money changers) by engaging in dishonest banking for personal gain for himself and those he represents, while impoverishing everyone else.

      Wake up and smell the coffee, dude.

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      • “I feel compelled to add that the War Between the States was not over slavery, …”

        Every time this subject comes up there are ALWAYS those who point to that fact. As far as “facts” go, ALL wars have an economic component as one faction or another is in plunder mode. But it is WRONG to be dismissive of the abolitionists, as if their efforts on behalf of those who were enslaved had no meaning or was insincere.

        We are engaged in a largely unseen war with banksters who have a planet wide conspiracy to enslave and ROB every human on the face of the Earth and bring about their one world socialist paradigm with them in charge. Then they can set about to reduce the worlds’ population, which is one of their stated goals. Anyone who thinks that people like Bernanke are unaware of the damage they are doing by grabbing public monies and transferring them to Wall Street needs to be regarded with more suspicion than merely being naïve.


        Try and place your replies where they can be answered. Yahoo are designed the message board to only have about 6 deep of replies. There is no reason for this as other message boards on other venues don’t have these limitations. They have some pretty untalented programmers running this message board. For example, it was pointed out that the design of the BAC message board is quite different.

      • I feel compelled to add that the War Between the States was not over slavery, but like most wars it was about money and in this case tariffs, ever increasing tariffs to shield shoddy American manufacturers in the North and to forward the embellishment of Northern facilities, from shipyards and canals to railways...all on the back of southern agriculture. Revenues extracted from just Georgia and South Carolina were sufficient to run the federal government. That's why when South Carolina exercised her sovereignty and departed the Union, Lincoln, a Whig turned Republican, asked how those revenues would be replaced.

    • Hey texasdang,

      Expand your horizons beyond the political. Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and relieve yourself of all your political ignorance. It is a FREE download, as well as being available at Amazon for around $20 for the latest edition.

      It’s guaranteed you will be neither Democrat NOR Republican if you take this advice, and will have a much greater understanding of the PM sector (by inference). Be sure to take the author's suggestion on how to read this book of 600+ pages.

      Nuf said.

    • politics sucks, lets keep it off this board please

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    • "i cannot stand Herbert Hoover...." the only person resembling Hoover today is Obama---raising taxes during recession and negative growth now. Or are you still fixated on Bush ?

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