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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Apr 15, 2013 5:21 AM Flag

    Are you being scammed by PM newsletter writers and major PM website editorialists?

    The major editorialists on the prevalent PM websites have ALL been wrong on the direction of PMs. This begs the question of who they are allied with, and whether their major source of income is from subscribers, or central banks. The suspicion all along was that they were not representing the interests of their subscribers. This conclusion was born out because of previous predictions that appeared to be too rosy, and, sure enough, they were. The list is quite long, but most post the same list of authors, all with the same refrain of higher PM prices. For example one of the Aden Sisters, who has been involved in predicting market direction for a LONG time stated a bottom lower than $1536/oz was “unlikely”. Charts seem to now suggest a low of $1430 as the next level of support. which occurred in early December of 2010.

    Looking at charts had given the appearance of a high likelihood of upside breakouts in PM charts, until it is realized that PMs are a comparatively small market, easily manipulated by banksters with their fiat money scam. So what really needs to be analyzed is just what the lower boundaries are of bankster ability to manipulate prices lower. The country, as all who visit these types of message boards know, is deeply in debt along with unemployment statistics that are still quite high. If anyone takes the time to look at world currencies as compared to the dollar it is obvious that American exports are headed much lower, which can’t be good for lowering deficits or unemployment. Under that scenario, how much buying of foreign made goods with a higher US$ will result? FRB statistics show a precipitous drop in the velocity of money, meaning that Fed “stimulus” is not working. That begs the question of whether, as Einstein quipped, the Fed, in this case, can be considered guilty of insanity by trying the same thing over and over expecting different results

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    • It looks like ~$1430/oz was taken out like a hot knife through butter moments ago. Next support is at ~$1320/oz.

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      • In order to back up what was previously said on this topic, visit the Bloomberg website where a chart of the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is available. This represents demand/supply for international shipping (When demand goes down, for a fixed amount of cargo ships, so does the price to ship). Some time back there was a photo taken by an airline passenger on the way into Hong Kong around early 2009. There were miles of empty cargo ships visible offshore in a market with no sea cargo shipping requirements.

        If the DJIA goes up today you’ll know for sure it is phony as a bankster $3 bill.

        Since the stock market crash in late 2008 the BDI plunged as well. It recovered briefly to about 1/3 of its pre-crash levels through about May of 2010. Since then it has been trending lower, which also correlates to the Velocity of Money (how fast money is changing hands between buyers and sellers). This means demand for EVERYTHING is falling, even as the Fed has been pumping counterfeit fiat monopoly money in a vain effort to stimulate demand. Maybe there is some way to clone Andrew Jackson, and reinstall him as POTUS, because that is the only way out of this mess.

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