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  • bullion_funds_for_suckers bullion_funds_for_suckers May 23, 2013 12:17 PM Flag

    Golds and silvers failed to rally after Japanese market crash


    I would say that is the absolute proof that the golds and silvers no longer have any value in a modern economy. If they can not act as flight to safety investments today there is no reason to own them any longer.

    As a result you have to conclude that SLW is currently one of the worst bubbles in the stock market and it will downtrend for years to come until it trades in low single digits.

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    • carolyn99 Jun 7, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

      How much can you buy with the current dollar as opposed to what it was worth in the past. Now...has our currency fallen...say 30-40%...NOW THAT IS A LOSS.

    • Failed to rally? I don't think so. Your absolute proof? The tape doesn't lie. Obviously silver and gold have no value. Just another heads up "suckers", so long as the cost of mining goes up the value of precious metals goes up as no one is going to produce them below cost. Additional environmental pressure (reference Barrick's Chilean/Argentinean project) results in higher costs which are passed on to buyers. Cover your SLW short now, it's only going higher.

    • Dude, if your going to bash the stock try to use some logic. Many countries (PIIGS) around the world are close to bankruptcy and the US is headed that direction. Bernanke is running the Treasury printing presses on overtime which creates inflationary pressure. Soon (next five years) the US dollar will lose it's status as the world's reserve currency creating even more inflationary pressure. Commodities (esp. precious metals) are the best place to be and yet you are saying no one will want gold or silver. Seriously?

    • Can I sell gold necklaces to rappers and NYC housewives anymore?
      Or should I adorn them with valueless paper necklaces?

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