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  • cmegladon cmegladon Jun 6, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Study our WW inflation data carefully.

    As we go forward, ANY hints of inflation, however small are key elements of the play in PMs.
    Remember, stagflation need not be 6 or 8% inflation against 0 GDP.
    We know inflation is a far cry from what they report. When the menu excludes VEAL CHOPS and the new prime steak is Hangar Steak, that's inflation.
    When your toilet paper is 3mm narrower, that's inflation.
    When your dental floss packages include 4.3 yds instead of 4.6 that's inflation.
    And when 20people are still employed, but they are furloughed to 33 hours per week, what's that?
    There's some new kind of hurt getting spread around.
    IMO, Gold and it'slittle bro will drive higher over the course of the next year!

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    • Earlier this week I quoted some service parts to an outfit in Italy. Even though they were interested in buying 5 times the quantity they bought not even a year ago, the price, delivered, had risen almost 40%... and we cut our margin in view of the price before we quoted.

      Moreover, we are seeing a steady increase in the backorder rate from nearly ALL of our vendors. With domestic shipping costs rising steadily because of near daily fuel surcharge adjustments, we are being eaten alive and either must absorb the costs or lose the sales.

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      • From the statements shown below, "... They know full well where all of this will lead, but none of them are willing to oppose what clearly is ahead by pressuring their political representatives for solutions, meaning disbanding of the Federal Reserve System. ...", where is the pressure from companies to band together and demand a fix to the US currency system, meaning an end to the Federal Reserve System? It is well known who has, and who does not have access.

        Special interest legislation always seems to be at the forefront when companies perceive that it will be beneficial to them. They also should have a common interest in ridding the country of the Fed, except from all appearances the corrupt currency system we live under is beneficial to both private sector businesses and governments. They appear to view it as a way to be able to whip populations into compliance in purely non-transparent ways.

        Therefore, complaining about how trade imbalances make difficult the re-ordering of how things are vended translates into pushing all those problematic issues onto lower level employees, i. e., no pay increases to compensate for currency devaluation, reduced hours, lay-offs, benefit reductions, etc. This all shows up in the statistics of the flow of wealth into fewer and fewer hands over at least the last 20 years.

        Is it any wonder that there is increased non-public labor union activity? More people than will be acknowledged are aware of the scam being perpetrated through currency devaluation. It shows up in OWS movements
        (poorly organized) and civil disturbances in other countries. It is the most poorly reported connection on media outlets between public protest and monetary devaluation.

        Recent revelations that the government is heavily involved in collecting massive data bases on its citizens and efforts to get rid of the 2nd amendment shows that the politicians know the people are "mad as Hell, and they're not going to take it any more" at some point.

    • "...When your toilet paper is 3mm narrower, that's inflation. ..."

      And if you live in Venezuela and have to resort to corn cobs, that's inflation. Just like PMs, the toilet paper that will pass as "money" will not be useful in exchange for PMs at any price (or for corn cobs, for that matter).

      Isn't it interesting that businesses of all sizes just go along with inflation, knowing that their customers will have to pay the "higher prices" (which the more informed of us identify as deteriorating monetary valuations). They know full well where all of this will lead, but none of them are willing to oppose what clearly is ahead by pressuring their political representatives for solutions, meaning disbanding of the Federal Reserve System. But they will be political PAC (Political Action Committee) members for special legislation beneficial only to them, but never form the opposing PACs that would fight against monetary corruption, the "sugar lobby" being but one of many examples of current and past conflicts.

      Wikipedia has a broad discussion of this tendency under the title, "Conflict of interest". The reigniting of prosperity by President Andrew Jackson's successful disbanding of the 2nd Bank of the United States appears to be a peace of history lost again to the conflict of interest ever present in all levels of public education, including that of Hillsdale College, which Lush Rimbow likes to pump continually as a beacon of "conservative" educational principles, which sound more like a murmur than a resoundingly raucous statement of current realities.

    • 29 hours a they don't need insurance!

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